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Building Partnerships to Benefit Patients

June 7, 2018
GBMC has formally created an integrated, multi-specialty medical group made up of its employed physicians and advanced practitioners, known as GBMC Health Partners. Its philosophy and vision emphasize an affiliation with GBMC; a commitment to promoting and preserving health, not just on treating patients when sick; and an approach to treating patients and each other as true partners in promoting healthy practices and when treating illness.

Great! Right? But what does this mean for you?

For patients, this means a uniform standard of care across specialties, improved access to care and confidence in a standard of high-quality care no matter what service you need. GBMC Health Partners believes the patient/provider relationship should be a partnership based on trust. The best interests of the patient will be foremost in the mind and approach of each physician or provider.

Members of GBMC Health Partners – which include primary care practitioners (10 primary care sites spread throughout the northern Baltimore metropolitan area); an array of medical and surgical specialists; obstetricians, pediatricians and pediatric emergency physicians; hospital-based physicians, intensivists, hospitalists, neonatologists; and advanced practice clinicians (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) – are a cooperative group of physicians working together to establish a high-standard of care and holding each other accountable to delivering it.

Patients reap the benefits; and when you need a referral to a specialist, you can be confident the physician you are being sent to will treat you with the same level of care as your practicing physician.

The care provided by this team of more than 300 providers is all integrated through its use of a uniform electronic medical record, Epic. As you move through the healthcare delivery system – from primary care to specialty care, to emergency department care, to in-patient care and then back home for follow-up or to a sub-acute or chronic care facility – all information is available to all providers seamlessly, reducing the chance of error or lack of knowledge about important medical information.

Just like GBMC is known for outstanding care, GBMC Health Partners strives to be recognized for the way it provides care to its patients: knowledgeable, compassionate, efficient and safe. This type of outstanding, patient-centric care is standard practice for GBMC Health Partners.

GBMC Health Partners continues to grow, attracting new patients and expanding to new sites. It aims to be known as the best multi-specialty medical and surgical practice in the region, much like GBMC is the best community hospital.
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