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A Team Approach to Fighting Cancer at the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute

October 9, 2018
When facing cancer, the way forward can look daunting and uncertain. At GBMC, an entire team is here to lead each patient through this journey.

The team meets weekly to collaborate and determine the optimal treatment plan for each patient with cancer. These meetings bring together nurses and therapists who treat patients every day, the social workers and counselors who provide emotional and practical support, and the oncologists and specialists who bring their focused clinical expertise to each challenge.

Cancer is nuanced and complicated, so GBMC brings together multiple perspectives to ensure each patient benefits from the combined expertise of the entire treatment team.

Doctors also gain insights and knowledge of the full team on how to approach problems in new ways, with new techniques.

The result is targeted solutions that take into account both the physical and emotional health of a patient as well as potential risks from specific therapy options.

Each case and patient should be treated as an individual, not simply a diagnosis on a page. GBMC aims to treat you that way.
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