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From left: Dr. Margaret Cyzeski, Dr. Kimberly Kesler-O’Rourke, Dr. Lillian Hunter, and Dr. Victor Khouzami

Career Physicians at GBMC Invest in its Future

October 28, 2021
GBMC is fortunate to have many thoughtful physicians who elevate their commitment to patient care by giving back. For leading physician partners at Perinatal Associates, this type of commitment has historically been a team effort, and a gift to The Promise Project is no different.

Formerly a private practice, Perinatal Associates gave generously, reaching a recognition in the Joseph S. Keelty Society in 2018, given to those who cumulatively contribute $250,000 or more to GBMC. Even when the practice became part of GBMC Health Partners three years ago, the senior partners agreed giving back was a priority they wanted to maintain by giving personally.

“For myself, Dr. Lillian Hunter and Dr. Kimberly Kesler-O’Rourke, GBMC has been the only place we’ve ever practiced. Dr. Margaret Cyzeski trained at GBMC before leaving for a few years and then returned to practice with us," Victor Khouzami, MD, Chair of Obstetrics for GBMC and founding partner of Perinatal Associates, said. "After committing my support to The Promise Project, I met with them to share my views for how they could support as well. Everybody was in agreement. We want to support the future of GBMC and lead by example for other physicians.”

Dr. Khouzami watched Perinatal Associates grow from just him to eleven OB/GYN specialists forty years later, and has watched GBMC grow as well.

“Giving to this project is important because GBMC has been our home and we believe in GBMC,” Dr. Khouzami said. “We believe in the mission of GBMC and we believe that GBMC cannot stop here and continue to be as good to future patients, to the community or practicing physicians now and in the future, without us showing our support.”

In 1981, as one of only two high-risk obstetricians in the state of Maryland at the time, Dr. Khouzami was recruited by the late Dr. John McGovern, Chair of Obstetrics, to start the Maternal and Fetal Medicine Division at GBMC. Three years later, Dr. Khouzami earned the chair title.

Having worked with Dr. Claire Weitz during their medical training, Dr. Khouzami encouraged her to join GBMC, and the pair quickly positioned Perinatal Associates as a pioneer in the field of high-risk obstetrics. In part because of their significant contribution to the reputation of GBMC as “the baby hospital,” Drs. Khouzami and Weitz were both recognized as GBMC Physician Titans of Care, a distinct honor given to those who make extraordinary contributions to GBMC and the field of medicine.

In 2004, the pair approached Dr. Hunter to join the practice, and Dr. Cyzeski and Dr. Kesler-O’Rourke followed soon after.

“I never left because I was happy. I’m still happy,” Dr. Khouzami said. “This is a wonderful place to be and the quality of the staff – be it medical or nursing – is second to none, so why would anyone look any place else?”

Partnership and belief in the potential of a community hospital shown through this type of philanthropy makes it possible to achieve great things – now and in the future.

To learn more about The Promise Project, track fundraising progress and learn how to make your promise, visit The Promise Project website.
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