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Chaplain Rector Talks About Managing family situations during COVID-19

April 24, 2020
Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is stressful and challenging for adults and can be even more so for children. GBMC chaplain, Saundra Rector, talked with WMAR TV anchor Kelly Swoope about ways that parents can help their children through this difficult time.

She highlighted the difference between life pre-pandemic, when families were harried and trying to juggle work, school, and activities with barely any time to sit still and relax, and now, when families are together all day every day in many cases. The best approach to this new normal is to appreciate the time we have together by slowing down and really getting to know our children. It’s a rare opportunity to spend quality time together doing what the children want to do rather than what they’ve been signed up to do. To help children manage their worry about the current situation, Chaplain Rector suggested that each day, parents make a point to say, “I love you and together we’ll make the best of this.”

She also shared how she and others are supporting GBMC’s staff by continually telling them that everything they do is appreciated and she is grateful. It’s not about sugarcoating the difficult experience they’re living through; it’s about affirming their experiences and showing gratitude for their sacrifices.

When asked where people can turn for support, she suggested people reach out to family, friends, and their faith communities.

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