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Discussing Patient Safety and Lean Daily Management at GBMC

September 14, 2018
Patient safety and satisfaction are the foundation of everything we do at GBMC and we’re always looking for ways to get even better. Rachel Ridgley, RN, Nurse Manager, Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units and Central Monitor Station, and Lisa Griffee, Director of Quality Improvement, talked with Mary Beth Marsden and Don Scott about the steps that GBMC takes every day to ensure our patients get the high-quality care they need in a safe and caring environment.

LDM has broken down barriers at GBMC
“Through a process called LEAN Daily Management (LDM), the executive team and leaders from every area of the hospital visit each department at 9 a.m. every weekday to see how well we’re meeting our safety goals, what we could be doing better, and what support the department needs to achieve its goals. We don’t believe in doing things just because this is the way we’ve always done them,” explained Rachel. “The really exciting thing is how I’ve seen our nurses take ownership of this process. They’re on the front lines of patient care and have great ideas about how we can serve our patients better. We’ve seen real positive changes in patient outcomes and satisfaction as a result of LDM.”

One example of an LDM-driven change Lisa shared is the bedside hand-off checklist for ICU nurses. The checklist makes sure that the nurse going off duty shares key information with the one coming on duty to lower the risk of common issues including infections and falls. The patient and his or her family also play an important part in these conversations. “We want all patients and family members to feel comfortable to ask questions, raise issues, and advocate for the patient,” Rachel added.

“LDM has broken down barriers at GBMC,” said Lisa Griffee. “There are interactions and conversations between front line employees and the hospital’s leaders that don’t happen at other institutions. In fact, other hospitals have come to observe how we’re doing this since we’re a leader in this area.”

During the daily LDM walks, as they’re called by staff, GBMC’s executive staff and hospital leaders visit 35 locations in the hospital. They also make regular visits to Gilchrist and the GBMC Health Partners physician practices. “This is a direct pipeline to the executive staff,” added Lisa. “They’re here to help front line staff get the resources they need to make positive changes for patients, not to tell them what to do. It’s an open dialogue.”
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