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Dr. Francis "Bing" Grumbine to Retire

December 2, 2021

After almost 40 years building one of the region’s most highly respected Divisions of Gynecologic Oncology at GBMC, delivering expert care to countless patients and nurturing the clinical skills of scores of interns and fellows, Dr. Francis “Bing” Grumbine plans to retire this month.

“I’ll will miss working alongside these wonderful people,” he said. “And I will miss my patients. But I am leaving the department in very capable hands.”

Dr. Grumbine was recruited to GBMC in 1982 by the late Dr. James Dorsey and began as what he called a “one-man show.” In those early days, his patients knew him not only as their surgeon, but also as their medical oncologist, administering chemotherapy. Just a year after he arrived, Dr. Grumbine became the head of GBMC’s Gynecologic Oncology Division and began integrating patient care with his colleagues in medical oncology and radiation therapy, developing the multidisciplinary approach to gynecologic oncology that continues to provide patients with leading-edge care today. Dr. Grumbine subsequently became the Chairman of the Department of Gynecology at GBMC.

As he looks back on his achievements, Dr. Grumbine is very proud of his work to advance the minimally invasive surgical treatment of gynecologic cancers. He was at the vanguard of clinicians who embraced and improved laparoscopic techniques in the operating room, including laparoscopic hysterectomy and staging procedures in endometrial cancer patients.

“We were probably the first center in this region to perform laparoscopic staging to reduce hospital stays and morbidity,” he said.

Dr. Grumbine was also instrumental in bringing robotic surgery to the field, and GBMC was the first community hospital to perform a radical hysterectomy utilizing the robotic surgery system.

“The difference this approach has meant in the lives of our patients is significant. Postoperative pain is dramatically reduced and recovery times are shorter, all without compromising on results. According to Dr. Grumbine, the entire patient experience is generally much improved.

Dr. Paul Celano, Herman and Walter Samuelson Medical Director of the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute, said Dr. Grumbine’s legacy at GBMC is one of exceptional patient care and inspired mentoring of future gynecologic oncologists.

“Dr. Grumbine is beloved by his patients and his colleagues,” Dr. Celano said. “He has also had a profound impact on his field, launching the careers of some of the region’s most dedicated GYN oncologists” through the highly competitive gynecology oncology fellowship program Dr. Grumbine helped establish with the Division of Gynecologic Oncology of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has also committed to research that enrolls many GBMC gynecologic oncology patients in important clinical trials.

Over the years, Dr. Grumbine has forged lasting relationships among the team of professionals he has been part of.

“I truly enjoyed the environment and the people who work at GBMC,” he said. “Everyone is dedicated to taking the very best care of patients.”

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