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Dr. Friesen on Why Diets Don't Work

November 6, 2017
In this segment of Facebook Live, Dr. Timothee Friesen, General Surgeon from GBMC joins Michael J On Air from 93.1 WPOC, to discuss why most diets don't work, and healthier ways to lose weight.

As a general surgeon who also performs bariatric surgery, Dr. Friesen recognizes people's need for long-term solutions to eating well, losing weight, and staying motivated to exercise. "At GMBC, we don't rely on the scale as a measure as much as Body Mass Index (BMI), which is simply a height-to-weight comparison," says Dr. Friesen. Adding, "This is a good place for anyone to begin, as you can figure out your BMI online or with an app, and use it as a starting point to measure success."

Dr. Friesen offers a variety of ways to improve eating habits, how to plan ahead for success, and how to fit exercise into a busy schedule by looking at:
  • Why most diets don't work
  • If alcohol can be included in a "healthy diet"
  • What to do if a condition is keeping you from exercising
  • Simple day-to-day ways to control your weight
  • How to decide what is a "safe" calorie intake
  • If "real food" is better than substitutes, such as shakes
  • Why drinking water and being hydrated is important
  • What to do if you're an "emotional" eater
  • How to detect if a diet is a fad diet
  • Ways to break the sugar craving habit
  • When bariatric surgery should be considered
"Obesity is such a glaring issue in the United States today, and within each BMI category there are risks of medical problems," says Friesen. So, what does he recommend keeping in mind? "It's a struggle, but each small change you make will have a positive impact."
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