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Dr. Doran Discussing COVID-19 and Children's Safety

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Laura Zabriskie

March 26, 2020
*This is a rapidly changing situation. This video was filmed on March 26, 2020. For the most up-to-date information, visit the CDC website at*

In this time of uncertainty, it’s hard to know how to help your children. To answer your questions, WMAR-2 News hosted house calls for members of the public to ask healthcare experts about the current COVID-19 situation. Timothy Doran, MD, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics at GBMC, offers suggestions for reducing anxiety.

“This time is stressful for everyone, but it’s especially stressful for kids who are home and out of school,” says Dr. Doran. Children look to their parents in times of anxiety and it’s important to closely listen to your children and monitor how they’re feeling. A middle or high schooler will have an easier time understanding the situation and articulating his or her fears, whereas a five-year-old may express anxiety very differently. The age of your child strongly affects how these conversations should be approached.

Be honest with your children – sugar coating could erode their trust – but limit the amount of media that they intake. The news is full of theories and frightening headlines that could be more harmful than helpful. Engage them in other activities and try to divert their attention to more healthy content.

Be sure to regularly check in to see how they are doing and make sure to care for yourself as well. As a parent, it’s easy to give all of your energy to your children, but you can’t give them everything they need if you are not healthy. Click here to see some self-care tips from a GBMC psychiatrist.

Be as calm as you can and try to maintain a sense of normalcy – it will help both you and your children.

*Click here for more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)*
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