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Eat Healthy at The Yard, Hon!

April 21, 2016
Cheering for the O's at Camden Yards is a time-honored Maryland tradition, but when did peanuts and Cracker Jack become funnel cakes, loaded nachos and fried mac 'n cheese? Indulging in special foods can be part of the fun of a day at the yard, so don't worry — you don't have to choose between bacon on a stick and carrot sticks. The stadium offers a variety of lighter options for people who want less caloric, more nutritional food at the game.

If you're watching your weight...

Dempsey's PubDempsey's Brew Pub & Restaurant (Eutaw Street – in the Warehouse)serves plenty of fried favorites, but their menu includes items for waistline-watchers, too. Choose a greens-based salad, like the Bistro Salad, Baby Arugula Salad or The Dempsey. Skip fatty add-ons like bacon, cheese and croutons; they can ruin the point of ordering a salad! Instead, request extra veggies such as cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and avocado. For an added dose of low-fat protein, order your salad topped with chicken breast, tuna, shrimp, hard-boiled egg or black beans. Request a vinaigrette (not cheesy or creamy) dressing on the side.

If you're craving a burger...

Baseline Burgers (Sections 27, 47, 348, 370) offers turkey burgers and veggie burgers, both of which are lower in fat and overall calories than traditional beef burgers, while still serving up a filling dose of protein.

If want a taste of Maryland...

Sometimes you just need a taste of Old Bay! Skip the loaded crab waffle fries and fried softshell crab sandwich and opt for a cup of Maryland Crab Soup from Old Bay Seafood (Section 43). Though the sodium will still be high, at least you'll get a serving of veggies in the form of lima beans, corn, carrots and tomatoes while hitting the crabby craving.

If you need a snack...

Fries, chips and pretzels are all easy-to-grab snacks, but they are loaded with empty calories, offering little-to-no nutritional value. There are fresh snacks available if you know where to look: Eutaw Street Grill (Eutaw Street) has roasted corn on the cob; TAKO-Asian (section 49) serves edamame and veggie chips and Eutaw Market (Eutaw Street by the Orioles Team Store)sells fresh fruit cups.

If you want a sweet treat...

When you've had your meal but your dessert compartment remains empty, do your best to steer clear of the ever-present funnel cakes. Flying Fruit Fantasy (section 24) makes fruit shakes, smoothies and yogurt. They are still sugary but not as huge of a calorie bomb as other tempting options, such as the battered and deep fried Berger Cookie ice cream sundae.

If you're gluten-free...

Oriole Park at Camden YardsAvoiding gluten can add an additional challenge to eating out and making healthy choices. Though several of the classic burger and dog stands at Oriole Park are now offering gluten-free buns, try these lower-cal options: Gluten Free Veggie Wrap from Eutaw Market (Eutaw Street), baked beans atBoog's BBQ (Eutaw Street) and the Pad Thai Cold Noodle Salad from TAKO Asian Bistro (section 49).

If you're in the suites...

If you're lucky enough to be in a suite, eating healthy has never been easier. Choose from the following hearty whole-grain selections: Roasted Vegetable Panini, Cucumber Greek Salad, Heirloom Beet and Quinoa Salad, Whole Wheat Avocado Wrap and Sunflower Powerhouse Sandwich.
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