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Employees Remind Us Kindness is Everywhere

February 6, 2017
Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb. 12 through Feb. 18, is a national week of spreading kindness with pay-it-forward actions. In GBMC's second year of celebrating this week, we engaged even more of our workforce to spread kindness throughout our healthcare system.

At the end of January, each department in our healthcare system, including GBMA practices and Gilchrist Services’ locations received a Kindness Kit, complete with tools to be kind to colleagues and those around you! Each kit contained candy, KIND bars generously donated by KIND, and Kindness cards. The cards came in packs of 12 and each contained a unique kind act. Cardholders were encouraged to either do the action on the card or make up their own, check they completed it and challenge someone else to be kind. Once the cards are filled, we hope to get them all back to see where they traveled and what wonderful things our employees did for each other.

We also created a new Random Acts of Kindness Ambassador Award. We received many outstanding submissions, so it was hard to choose just one. So we didn't!

GBMC is lucky to have Ray Morgan (Security) and Amy Gourley (Unit 57 MICU) on our team. They both went above and beyond their job descriptions to help those in the community and showed compassion, dedication and expertise.

Ray Morgan, Security
Ray Morgan, Security at GBMC
Amy Gourley, Unit 57
Amy Gourley, Unit 57 at GBMC
Ray Morgan was working the dispatch desk when he received a call from an unknown male who told Ray he was depressed and was going to kill himself. After talking with the male caller, Ray managed to gain his trust and confidence and contact the Baltimore County Police Department. The person wanting to kill himself was able to be taken to a hospital for evaluation. Six months later, an elderly female called explaining that the unknown caller Ray had spoken with a few hours earlier and who had been making threats was her 59-year-old, intellectually disabled son. She further explained to Ray she is very old and just can't take proper care of him anymore. Ray called GBMC's social worker and explained the situation to her. She was able to get the elderly mother assistance with her son to make life just a little bit easier. Ray's efforts on both of these occasions went way above the norm, and showed Ray is a kind, considerate, compassionate person who cares about his fellow man.

Amy Gourley was caring for a patient who was to be discharged on insulin. This was new for this patient and she did not have supplies and insulin to go home to. The patient found it was going to cost her more than $1,000 to obtain all that she needed with her current insurance. Amy made calls and inquired about special programs. By doing this and advocating for her patient, she was able to get the cost down to $10! This was truly above and beyond!
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