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Experts Explain Nursing Careers at GBMC

June 27, 2018
When is a nurse like a football player?

You might not think that a nurse and a Super Bowl winning kicker have much in common, but Dr. JoAnn Ioannou, GBMC’s Senior Vice President of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer, and former Ravens kicker Matt Stover, GBMC’s nursing ambassador, would disagree. Dr. Ioannou, Matt, and WMAR2 News reporter Christian Schaffer talked about the important role that the hospital’s 1,400 nurses play, the many different career paths that nurses can follow, and why nursing really is an art.

“Nurses are the healthcare providers who spend the most time with patients,” Dr. Ioannou explained. “They have the most influence on how we deliver care and our patients’ outcomes. They are advocates for our patients and guide them through their experience in the hospital. Our nurses are an essential part of the care team and make important contributions every day.”

With an ongoing national nursing shortage that’s projected to leave Maryland 12,000 nurses short by 2025, there’s stiff competition among hospitals for nursing staff. That’s why GBMC goes the extra mile to attract nurses. “At GBMC we foster new nursing graduates and experienced nurses and help them grow and advance their career,” she added. “We provide a nursing residency that includes classes and training to help our nurses build their skills and deliver the best care. There are so many diverse paths nurses can follow—nurse researchers, case managers, nurse educators, nurse leaders. We’re committed to investing in the individual and provide the personal attention you don’t find at larger hospitals. It’s a great working environment—a real team.”

How do you know if you have what it takes to be a nurse? Dr. Ioannou says that nursing is a blend of knowledge, science, and caring. A great nurse is compassionate, empathetic, willing to ask questions, interested in the science of healthcare, and committed to helping patients prevent illnesses through healthy lifestyle choices. If you’d like to know more about nursing careers at GBMC, visit and watch this Art of Nursing TV special.
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