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Face to Face Program Helps Domestic Violence Survivors Get a Fresh Start

September 26, 2018
Domestic violence against women, children, and men leaves emotional and physical scars. Samuel Hahn, MD, an otolaryngologist and facial and plastic surgeon with ENT Associates at GBMC, is part of a national non-profit organization that provides treatments to help survivors overcome their physical scars at no cost. He talked with Good Morning Maryland host Ashley James about his work with the program and the need to spread the word about the care he and others around the country provide to help survivors heal.

“The goal of the Face to Face program is to give survivors who have scars or other injuries of the face, head, and neck a fresh start and to help them regain their sense of self,” said Dr. Hahn. “Visible scars are only a small part of the burden they’re carrying with them. Our goal is to at least take away some of the stigma that might be associated with their scars, which can take the focus away from who they are as a whole person. We want to empower survivors.”

The program provides care for survivors, from outpatient procedures to more complex inpatient surgeries, at no cost to the patient. To be considered for the program, Dr. Hahn recommended that survivors talk with a counselor at their local domestic violence shelter, who can guide them through the application process.

“Caring for survivors is a very humbling experience,” added Dr. Hahn. “It’s really why I chose to become a plastic surgeon—the chance to be part of a transformation that helps someone feel empowered and whole again.”
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