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GBMC Answering Your Questions on WMAR Live

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Laura Zabriskie

March 26, 2020
*This is a rapidly changing situation. This video was filmed on March 26, 2020. For the most up-to-date information, visit the CDC website at*

In this time of uncertainty, it’s hard to know how to help your children. To answer your questions, WMAR-2 News hosted house calls for members of the public to ask healthcare experts about the current COVID-19 situation. Melissa Marks Sparrow, MD, FAAP, Chief of Staff at GBMC HealthCare, gives her advice for parents to keep themselves healthy.

Dr. Sparrow suggests that parents do their best to avoid the drama in the news and on social media. “While it’s important to stay informed, sometimes the psychological drama can be just as disruptive as the illness itself,” she says. “Find what calms you and gives you some sense of control.”

One of the ways parents can do this is by maintaining their daily structure as much as possible. Continue to have regular mealtimes and keep your normal sleep times. Dr. Sparrow advises parents not to let their children look at screens close to bedtime – this is good advice for adults too.

“In these times, life is going to be very different, but try to keep things as normal as possible.”

*Click here for more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)*
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