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GBMC Congratulates Outstanding Donors: Kahlert Foundation

September 4, 2017
GBMC is thrilled one of our most generous donors is being recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals with the 2017 Outstanding Foundation of the Year Award.

GBMC elected to nominate the Kahlert Foundation because, in 17 years, the Kahlert family has made incredible investments in important GBMC HealthCare System lifelines. Making sure our clinical staff has the tools and resources we need to treat our patients with the most up-to-date information and care is at the heart of all of their gifts. Their first gift to our system was in September 2000 and since then, our relationship has only grown. They continue to support large-scale projects and investments, while also maintaining "grassroots" efforts.

In April 2007, they established the William E. Kahlert Urological Research Fund and established the WM E. Kahlert Research & Discovery Fund at GBMC in December 2009. They generously created the Yvonne Kahlert Chapel Endowment Fund in honor of Greg Kahlert's late mother in 2014.

But their largest and most influential gift was in September 2015 and one that closed the gap on our $50 million fundraising effort in honor of GBMC's 50th anniversary.

The strong case for why the Kahlert Foundation and family deserved this award is, as Greg himself says, "It's not just about making grants, but being good partners and helping organizations to become stronger and more successful." There is pure truth behind these words as the Kahlert Foundation provides support both on paper and in person. They are actively involved in the organizations they support and in the implementation of the programs they fund.

"They desire to see the impact in their philanthropy and hold these organizations to the high standard of performing the best they can for the community," John Chessare, MD, President and CEO of GBMC HealthCare said. "The Kahlert family truly does want to better the community and their fellow man, which embodies what it means to be a philanthropist.

Congratulations to Greg, Roberta and family!
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