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From left: Helen Burdette, Chase Tompkins, Jake Tompkins, Wendy Bond, Will Burdette, Lloyd Burdette, Tim Burdette, Shari Tompkins and John Tompkins

GBMC is Part of Bond-Burdette-Tompkins Family and Keeps Theirs Together

July 30, 2021
Serious illness and healthcare decision making is often a family affair. And for the Bond-Burdette-Tompkins family, giving is done together. So, it makes sense that the family’s giving to healthcare would follow suit.

Wendy Bond has always instilled in her children – Tim Burdette and Shari Tompkins – the importance of giving back. When the discussion arose to participate in GBMC’s campaign, everyone was involved from the beginning.

The family’s five-year pledge and Wendy’s bequest to The Promise Project will ensure all families have the space to be with their loved ones when they need it most.

“When someone gets sick, the hospital is focused on the care, and the family is focused on their loved one,” Tim said. “Everybody in the family is affected when someone has a serious health problem, so you want your family member to be accessible, to be able to cheer them up and visit.”

Lloyd Burdette, Tim’s wife, is a volunteer leader for the campaign, working with her sister, Dr. Sarah Whiteford, on engaging grateful patients in the project.

“I was able to help my family understand the project better as they were thinking about whether and what to give,” she said.

It wasn’t until Tim, Lloyd, Wendy and Shari started reminiscing about their lives that they realized how much GBMC has been a part of it.

“Think about how different our lives would have been if it wasn’t there,” Wendy said.

“It would be a lot different. Considering all the times we’ve used it,” Tim added. “It’s hard to imagine not having GBMC.”

Tim and Shari were born there in 1969 and 1972, respectively, and to Wendy’s recollection, the single rooms were a huge selling point among her social circle. Tim and Shari both had children there, and their grandmother passed away at Gilchrist. In addition, family and friends are employed at GBMC, and generations have used the Emergency Department.

“I used to go to that ER all the time as a teenager. They got to know me,” Tim recalled.

“Remember the trampoline incident?” Wendy said. “And when your thumb got stuck in the sprocket?”

“Yes! Those were only a few weeks apart,” Tim said among collective laughter.

What it came down to for the Bond-Burdette-Tompkins family was a strong desire to remain connected and close, even in times of health challenge and stress. For them, The Promise Project provides the comfort, care, and expertise they want for each other.

“I like the family-friendly rooms,” Tim said. “Visitors get their own space to sleep. It’s just a lot more comfortable to spend extended time in a hospital.”

“I loved the outdoor spaces that are being planned,” Lloyd added. “Beautiful, peaceful, outdoor places that you can go when you don’t want to be sitting inside a hospital, which isn’t always the most comforting environment when a loved one is being treated.”

“And the collaborative technology for the physicians was important,” Tim said.

“And don’t underestimate the value of ease of parking and the distance from your car to your appointment, because I think that will be better,” Wendy said.

“I think I would be remiss in not mentioning the award for innovation GBMC just received,” Lloyd said. “The Malcolm Baldrige award really struck me as being an important reason to encourage the family to support GBMC. GBMC is leading the way in terms of innovation for community hospitals across the country and that’s pretty awesome. It says so much about GBMC and makes me so happy to have that kind of care here.”

All the important pieces that make up GBMC’s promise to the community were evident in the family’s reasons for giving back.

“It’s an investment in the healthcare future of our family and where we’re going to be when we need care and when our parents need care and when our kids need care,” Lloyd said.

Tim added, “A lot of times when you give a gift, you’re giving just to help improve the institution. When you give to GBMC, you're not just making the hospital better; you’re improving your family and your community.”

To learn more about The Promise Project, read stories from other donors, track fundraising progress and learn how to make your promise, visit The Promise Project website.
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