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Generosity at GBMC

April 14, 2020
While many have been encouraged to practice social distancing and work remotely due to COVID-19, there are some who cannot. GBMC is working hard to keep patients, staff and the community safe during this crisis. Our team of doctors, nurses, techs, clinicians and others continue to come to work and carry out our vision of providing the care they would want for their loved ones, but this commitment leaves them experiencing different needs.

The most critical needs of our employees are childcare, transportation and the equipment to protect themselves and their patients.With public school and day care closures, childcare is an additional expense that many of our employees cannot afford. In addition to childcare costs, many of the modes of public transportation are operating on very limited schedules - some have been shut down completely.

To help with the many needs of our employees during these trying times, GBMC created the Healthcare Workers Fund on March 20. In just 20 days, the community has stepped up to raise more than $75,000 to these efforts.

An already dedicated and philanthropic donor community coupled with many first-time givers have combined to make more than 225 gifts to assist our committed, hard-working employees.

In addition to monetary donations, GBMC has received an outpouring of donations from local businesses, ranging from donations of Personal Protective Equipment and other supplies, to meals for a unit.

As of April 8, we received 130 offers from the community to donate supplies or food for staff members.

Just to name a few, James Franzoni from SC&H Group donated a week’s worth of meals for day and night shift workers in the SICU, MICU, Unit 38 and for respiratory therapists.

The Josie King Foundation also made a generous donation of 300 meals for frontline staff.

Mitchell Goetze, Gilchrist and GBMC HealthCare Board member, and owner of Goetze’s Candy Company procured sodium saccharine from one of his distributors. This compound is used to seal the N95 masks and ensure they are providing ultimate protection for our clinicians.

Thank You!
Ashley Amtmann
Helen Anderson
Suzanne Aris
Tyler Bare
Juli Blum
Bill Bolander
Chiyo Sushi
Corner Pantry
Sarah Cunningham
Mark DeMello
Frank Dickson
Beth Duncan
Debbie Fowler
James Franzoni
Emily Frye
Mitchell Goetze
Goetze’s Candy Company
Greenspring Advisors
Rivka Heisler
Jemma Everyday
Josie King Foundation
Angie Law
Lemon & Lime Events
Ben Lewis
Jean Maddux
Richard Manson
Virginia Ann McNell
Michelle Miller
Shari Nelson
Theresa Olson
Steve Parsons
BG Purcell
Pure Raw Juice
Jeanne Ryan
SC&H Group
David Smith Family Foundation
Alexis Thompson
Beverly Walton

As we continue to receive donations and in-kind contributions by the hour, this list is in no way exhaustive of our supporters. Thank you to everyone who has supported GBMC.
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