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Malcolm Berman with his great-grandson, Sam Welsh, and Sam’s grandmother, Lois Welsh.

Gifting Across Generations

September 5, 2016
It is easy to see physically where the Berman family has made their mark on GBMC's campus, but especially as we reflect back on the transformational support we have received as a result of the Bermans' generosity, we recognize the breadth of the community they have brought to GBMC that has helped us to create such a dynamic and innovative institution, especially their eponymous Cancer Institute.

GBMC HealthCare was honored to be a part of a special celebration for Malcolm Berman – his 80th birthday. But what is even more exciting for us is seeing how Sandy and Malcolm Berman's philanthropic spirit continues in their children and grandchildren.

Sandy and Malcolm's granddaughter, Erin, and her husband Jimmy Welsh had two children in GBMC's NICU. The compassionate care Erin received from her physician and the nurses, and the feeling she received that Max and Sam were being cared for as if they were home with her compelled her to celebrate Sam's first birthday by giving back to GBMC's NICU.

We appreciate the Berman family's continuous support of all areas of GBMC HealthCare as well as extending our GBMC family to include all of the supporters who celebrated two milestone events by giving back to others.

Sam Welsh and Dad
Sam Welsh, with his father Jimmy, holding a photo of his great-grandfather, Malcolm Berman.
Gifts in Honor of Malcolm Berman's 80th birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Attman
Marilyn and Gary Berman & Family
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Berman
Jennifer and Richard Berman & Family
Rona and Edward Casel
Mrs. Jenny Coldiron
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gerskov
Myra and Burton Gold
Ms. Carolyn A. Insley
Dr. and Mrs. Juan Juanteguy
Dr. Stanley Klatsky
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Klein
Jean & Jack Luskin
Carole and Mel Luterman
Howard and Barbara Nair
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Orman
Marilyn and Jack Pechter
Ms. Jean Pekover
Roberta and Peter Provda
Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rudo
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Samorodin
Mr. and Mrs. David Speesler
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Stoller
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tossman
Elaine and Norman Tucker
Elliot and Susan Weinstein
Allan and Frances Zalesky

Gifts in Honor of Sam Welsh's 1st birthday
Susan and Arthur Aronoff
Sandy and Malcolm Berman
Steven Berman and Heidi Kenny Berman
Kelley and Richard Born
Herbert L. Hosford III
Alice and Leroy Imber
Philip Nair
Renee and Ryan Shacochis
Leah Strapec
Erin and Jimmy Welsh
Sandra Lee Welsh
Lisa and Michael Wunder
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