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Guys! Make That Doctor's Appointment!

June 13, 2019
What’s the one thing most men hate more than taking out the trash on a rainy night? Going to the doctor! It’s men’s health month and Dr. James Baronas, an internal medicine and family physician at GBMC Health Partners Primary Care—Joppa Road shared his advice on how men of all ages can take better care of themselves. “Men are less likely than women to get regular check-ups, so they may miss getting the screenings and care they need to be healthier,” Dr. Baronas said.

The most common issues Dr. Baronas sees with his male patients are intertwined—inactivity and obesity. “Everyone has such busy lives, between work and home, that they can’t find time to be active. But it’s not really finding time, it’s making time,” he added.

Taking part in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits for men (and women too, of course!), including lowering the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

“There’s no one diet or tool that works for everyone trying to get to and maintain a healthy weight,” he explained. “What you need to do is find what works for you and what you can stick with for the long term.”

Dr. Baronas also shared what screenings men should undergo, which include yearly bloodwork to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels, prostate cancer screening once you reach age 50 for most men, skin cancer checks, and a colonoscopy about every ten years, starting between ages 45 and 50. He also stressed the importance of getting a flu shot each year.

Beyond looking after your physical well being, Dr. Baronas noted it’s important to manage stress and to talk with your primary care physician if you’re experiencing symptoms of depression.
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