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Spotlighting HERstory: Celebrating Women's History Month - Johanna

March 24, 2021
Johanna Supensky
Johanna Supensky, Surgical Procurement Billing Specialist
Johanna Supensky has been a GBMC HealthCare employee for 23 years. Johanna’s compassion for her department and colleagues, along with her zest for life, shines through every interaction.

When COVID first hit in early 2020, Johanna recognized the impact, havoc, and uncertainty the pandemic was having on her co-workers' lives. She identified that staff were fearful and concerned about what would happen to them personally should they or a loved one became ill. She recognized how the patients were coping without family during their hospitalization. She noted how staff members were adjusting to supply constraints and changes to their jobs, and she saw the overall impact to the hospital.

During this time of concern, Johanna wanted to uplift and bolster the spirits of those around her to let them know it was okay to experience an array of emotions in the face of uncertainty. She drafted the following statement to share with her team:

Sharing Words of Inspiration – Covid-19

Sometimes I think I’m the luckiest person in the world. There is nothing better than having work that you enjoy and care about. Frequently I feel my greatest problem is lack of confidence. I’m scared, which I think that can be healthy. I feel confident some days and lucky on others. I survived WW-II, disease, and disaster during my lifetime. Now I will need to survive Covid-19. Changing emotions are part of the normal living process. We all need to maintain a good life balance. It is good that fear makes us cautious, but too much fear can immobilize us. We should always take charge of our emotions to make them work for us and bring stability to our lives. The world has changed. Please take Covid-19 seriously. May you and your loved ones stay healthy and may God bless.

During the recent cyber-attack, Johanna was the first person on the team to volunteer to help outside of her normal work hours - in any capacity - if she could assist the staff and patients in any way. During recent inclement weather, Johanna spent at least 5 nights in the hospital to ensure she would be to work on time in the morning, so supplies would be in place to care for the GOR patients that day.

Johanna is a woman who, as shared in her words of inspiration, lived through WWII. Many may not know that Johanna was in a concentration camp from the time she was 4 years old to 7 years old. She has seen tragedy first hand and lived through atrocities none of us will hopefully ever see. She has a fascinating story and has experienced so much in her lifetime. She's been a business owner and has been very active in the community running art expos and working on staging and set design for local theater. Yet, during the initial days of COVID, one of her first concerns was not for herself, but for her coworkers at GBMC who are much like a second family to her. She wanted to share her words as a beacon of hope for others when life seemed bleak during the peak of quarantine.

We are thrilled to celebrate Johanna as a woman of great inspiration and courage. HERstory is another great example of the phenomenal women at GBMC.
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