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Bri Rogers

April 6, 2020
Our frontline providers (nurses, doctors, environmental and nutrition staff, etc.) are working around-the-clock to provide the best and most compassionate care to our patients. While we know they do not do this for the thanks or recognition, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge these providers for who they truly are: the heroes of our community.

Here are just a few kind words that coworkers of these heroes have shared through our peer-to-peer recognition program:

Jason J. – “Jason continually provides a logical and well thought out reason for everything we have been doing to cope with COVID-19 in our department. He makes sure to keep us informed and provide a level-headed demeanor. I’m thankful for his input and leadership during this time. He not only tries to help our staff, but our patients first. We all work more efficiently with Jason as a leader in our department.”

Eris L. – “Due to COVID-19, an elderly patient who was receiving comfort care was limited on who they could see prior to passing away. Many members of their family were elderly or lived far away. Eris made calls for the patient and held the phone so that everyone could say their goodbyes. She sat with the patient while they cried, their loved ones cried, and she cried with them. Eris supported this patient when no one else could and sat with them to meet a need that only she could do that day.”

Jackie T. – “Jackie is always a team player, but during this stressful time she is making extra sure that her co-workers are treated fairly. While in the Emergency Department, she made sure the work was divided equally to lessen exposure of those around her. She is always caring and always monitors the safety of not only her patients but her co-workers too.”

GBMC is incredibly grateful for all who are going above and beyond to help our patients and community during this uncertain time. If you would like to show your gratitude, we ask that you consider supporting the HealthCare Workers Fund to help those who are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. You may also click here to send encouraging words to our frontline workers. Kind words and thoughtful messages can make all the difference in the world!

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