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Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee


The Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee's purpose is to advise upon and monitor all aspects of residency education at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee (IGMEC) monitors institutional compliance with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), general requirements for the institution and the special requirements for individual accredited residency training programs. The IGMEC has the authority and responsibility for the oversight and administration of all ACGME-accredited residency training programs and responsibility for assuring compliance with ACGME Common, specialty/subspecialty-Specific Program, and Institutional Requirements. To this end, Greater Baltimore Medical Center is responsible for appointing a Designated Institutional Official (DIO), who in collaboration with the IGMEC, must oversee all aspects of residency training education.


At the minimum, voting membership on the IGMEC must include the Designated Institutional Official (DIO), residents nominated by their peers, representative program directors and administrators. It may also include other members of the faculty or other members as determined. A Chairperson of the IGMEC will be appointed by the DIO.


The IGMEC shall advise the institution and establish and monitor institutional policies for graduate medical education that assure compliance with all ACGME requirements to assure quality resident education and a conducive work environment for the residents in all training programs at GBMC Health Care Inc. These policies and procedures must include:

  1.  Annual review and recommendations to the Sponsoring Institution regarding resident salaries, benefits, and stipends to assure equitable and fair allocation.
  2. Communication with all residency program directors, including those within the institution as well as those directors of other institutions participating in residency programs at GBMC, including but not limited to Integrated and Combined residency programs. The IGMEC will ensure that program directors maintain effective communication with the site directors at each participating institution for their respective programs at all clinical sites.
  3. The development and implementation of written policies and procedures regarding resident duty hours to ensure compliance with all ACGME mandates.
  4. Monitor programs' supervision of residents and ensure that such supervision is consistent with:
    • Providing safe and effective patient care
    • Educational needs and well being of residents
    • The progressive assumption of responsibility commensurate with a resident's level of training, competence and experience.
  5. Communicate with leadership of GBMC's Medical Staff with regard to safety and quality of patient care, specifically as it is related to GME training, including but not limited to informing the Medical Staff of the accreditation status of residency training programs and any citations regarding patient care issues or resident well-being.
  6. Oversee resident curriculum and evaluation to ensure resident achievement of ACGME general competencies as defined in the Common and specialty/subspecialty-specific Program Requirements.
  7. Oversee resident status, including: evaluation, promotion, transfer, discipline, and/or dismissal of residents in compliance with Institutional and Common Program Requirements.
  8. Establish and implement institutional policies and procedures for discipline and the adjudication of complaints and grievances relevant to GME programs.
  9. Review all ACGME residency program accreditation letters of notification, including citations and areas of noncompliance, and monitor all action plans for remediation and correction.
  10. Manage all institutional accreditation and monitor all action plans for correction of citations and areas of noncompliance.
  11. Review and oversee all requests for program changes prior to submission to the ACGME by program directors including but not limited to:
    • All applications for ACGME accreditation of new programs
    • Changes in resident complement
    • Major changes in program structure or length of training
    • Appointments of new program directors
    • Progress reports requested by any Review Committee
    • Responses to all proposed adverse actions
    • Requests for exceptions of resident work hours
    • Voluntary withdrawals of programs accreditation 
    • Requests for an appeal of an adverse action
    • Appeal presentations to a Board of Appeal or the ACGME
  12. Oversight of all phases of educational experiments and/or innovations that may deviate from Institutional, Common, and specialty/subspecialty-specific Program Requirements.
  13. Oversee and conduct regularly scheduled Internal Reviews of all GBMC residency programs according to ACGME guidelines. The Internal Review must result in a written document of review findings and recommendations, if any, for residency program improvement(s). 
  14. Track recommendations made by Internal Review Committees and ACGME accreditation site visits to ensure that recommendations for improvement in the residency training program are implemented and maintained.
  15. Oversee all processes related to reductions and/or closures of individual programs, major participating institutions and/or GBMC Health Care Inc.
  16. Govern and stipulate GBMC's Institutional Policy regarding interactions between resident physicians and vendor representatives.


The Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee (IGMEC) will meet quarterly at a minimum.  The Chairman of the IGMEC will be a member of the IGMEC and will be selected by the GBMC Health Care Inc.'s Designated Institutional Official or DIO.

The IGMEC will provide written minutes of their quarterly meetings as well as any other IGMEC business to the Medical Board, Chief of Staff and CEO of GBMC Health Care Inc.
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