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Importance of Hospice Care

November 21, 2022

Kristi Choyce, RN, CHPPN, has been a pediatric nurse with Gilchrist for three years. She is proud to support families through the most challenging times they will ever face.

Choyce said one of the most fulfilling parts of her job is the bond and trust formed with her patients and their families, so much so that they are comfortable bringing their child home for end-of-life care. Recently, the mother of a child with a terminal illness told her, “Had we not gotten to you so soon, and built this relationship, I wouldn’t have trusted myself to care for my child at home. And because of you, I was able to give my child what he wanted at the end of his life.”

A mother herself, Choyce understands the importance of her job and works with each one of her patients, and their families, with the care and respect she would want if her own child was terminally ill.

Choyce and her fellow pediatric hospice nurses go above and beyond for their patients and families. They visit each home once a week, sometimes more, and they are always in contact with the families. The nurses can provide certain medical procedures in the home to prevent an uncomfortable trip to the hospital for the child, they ensure all medications are filled, and confirm the families have all medical supplies they need.

“It’s just one less thing that they need to worry about,” Choyce said.

Choyce shared how much it means to her and her team to receive recognition from the community. Pediatric hospice is extremely difficult for people to think about, so it’s not a field that is often highlighted. Whether it is a donation or a message of gratitude, it means so much to the nurses for their patients and families to be supported.

You can be a champion for pediatric hospice nurses like Kristi Choyce by making a donation to GBMC Nursing today. A donation to support GBMC Nursing provides the opportunity for nurses to continue their education, so they can become trained and credentialed to care for terminally ill children.

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