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Zoe Ogden, BSN, RN, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Inaugural Nightingale Award Winner: Zoe Ogden, BSN, RN

June 13, 2022
Even in the midst of an ever-evolving pandemic and staffing shortages, nurses at GBMC continue to show their unwavering dedication and commitment to their patients and providing the care we would want for our own loved ones.

We know the GBMC nursing team is exceptional, and it is important to us that we recognize those who exemplify and embody the fundamental elements of the art of nursing—science, knowledge, and caring.

Each year in May, we host an Art of Nursing event, an opportunity to celebrate with and recognize these amazing caregivers. This year, we have added a new award to our roster: the Nightingale Award. Named after Florence Nightingale, the “founder of modern nursing,” this award was voted on live at the Art of Nursing event on May 12.

The first winner of this award is Zoe Ogden, BSN, RN.

Zoe arrived at GBMC as a new graduate nurse and worked on Unit 34 before making the transition to her current role in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). According to colleagues, she has thrived in this role, displaying empathy to parents navigating the uncertain and stressful experience of having a child in the NICU just as aptly as she does to her coworkers.

“When there was construction on Unit 47, the noise was deafening in the NICU,” recalled one nominator. “One of the staff members was visibly having trouble managing this noise. Zoe sat down with this employee to help him work through it and offered to cover his patient while he took time off the unit. This is just part of who she is. She speaks to everyone with such interest as to make them feel special.”

Zoe recently took on a role as the Chair of the NICU’s family-centered care committee, where she intends to seek new opportunities to bring families to the forefront in support of their needs, as well as incorporate them into the daily work of the unit as part of the care team.

Another nomination Zoe received stated, “Zoe always has a positive attitude, no matter how high the census or acuity in the unit is. She goes out of her way to assist the other nurses at every opportunity. She treats both the families and all the members of the NICU team with respect and warmth.

“Working with Zoe encourages me to be the best nurse I can. She genuinely cares for everyone and supports us in all we do. When I know she is working with us, I know that it will be a great day, no matter what comes our way. She is an amazing team player whose energy and positivity is contagious.”

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