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Is Takeout Food Safe?

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Laura Tenbus

March 23, 2020
In this time, more than ever, our local businesses need the community’s support. It may feel like a conflicting message, we’re being told to stay home and to interact with local businesses, but both are incredibly important. Remember, local businesses rely on your purchases to pay their bills and their employees. Supporting them not only helps the business financially, it helps the employees who now find themselves without a paycheck.

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is living in food. While the food itself poses no danger, there may be some risk as to how you get it. Here are some ways to stay safe when ordering takeout:

Use your own dishes. When you bring food into your house, immediately remove it from the box and place it on your own dishes. Takeout containers may carry the virus and have been touched by several other people – the dishes in your home have not.

Use no-contact delivery. Many delivery companies are now offering no-contact delivery in order to reduce unnecessary contact. Take advantage of this service if it’s available. Remember that the person delivering your food is still relying on tips, so make sure to tip them through the ordering platform!

Practice social distancing if you are picking up your food. Continue to stay six feet or more away from other people when possible.

Throw away containers. It is possible for COVID-19 to adhere to takeout containers, so it’s important to dispose of them as quickly as possible. Remember to wash your hands after handling them!

Disinfect surfaces that the containers have touched. Once you’ve thrown away the takeout container, disinfect the surfaces that the container has touched, like your counter or table. This will eliminate the potential of the virus spreading to areas of your home.

Enjoy your meal. In these uncertain times, it’s easy to become anxious. Celebrate the little pleasures, like having a slice of pizza with your favorite toppings and being able to sit down with your family.

Continue to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene and you can protect yourself and your family while helping to keep our local businesses afloat.

*Click here for more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)*
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