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It's Been a Wonderful Year of Your Support for Our Employees

June 7, 2021
Two weeks after the COVID-19 lockdown, the GBMC HealthCare Workers Fund was created to support a dynamic group of compassionate individuals who, day after day, despite such a challenging and unknown virus, demonstrated the resolve that called them to the healthcare profession in the first place.

We were humbled and profoundly touched by the response from you, our community, and support continues to flow in. Not only have more than 1,000 donors contributed $585,260 to the Fund, but almost 200 in-kind gifts were donated in the form of meals, personal care products, and personal protective equipment. One-quarter of those in-kind gifts were given by the same 18 donors, who returned month after month to ensure our workforce felt supported and seen.

We were also touched to learn that for 50 percent of these individuals, this was their first gift to GBMC. Thank you for choosing this crucial time to support such a deserving group.

Some of these donors shared their reasons for giving:

“I gave to the HealthCare Workers Fund because I appreciate them all so much! I have the best doctor who works for GBMC and any time I have to visit the ED, I’m very pleased with their approach to handling my situation with the utmost care and concern. I especially appreciate them for always being there, even in a pandemic. Thank you, GBMC.” – Stephenie

“My humble gratitude goes out to the Wound Care doctors and nurses who shared a genuine interest in my healing. Their kind bedside manner and understanding helped me pull through after an infection that effected me deeply. As I have been a dedicated fixture at the GBMC Wound Care Center since early 2019, I am glad to have the opportunity to help support the system by contributing with a recurring monthly donation to the GBMC HealthCare Workers Fund. Thank you!” – Ian

Your thoughtfulness, generosity, and sincerity were a bright spot in a dark year, a shining example of how true it is that GBMC is a community hospital. Thank you for being a part of it.

HealthCare Workers Fund year in review graphic
GBMC HealthCare Workers Fund year in review graphic

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