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Keep the Heart of Your Valentine Healthy with Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

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John Lazarou

February 11, 2019
On this Valentine’s Day, are you looking to treat your “special someone” with an exceptional evening, while still remaining health-conscious? If so, put aside the oysters and champagne and bring on the classic staples of dark chocolate and red wine to keep the heart of your valentine healthy.

Results of small, short-term studies have shown that dark chocolate does have some potential heart health benefits including decreased blood pressure, increased blood vessel health, and improved LDL cholesterol levels. So, if dark chocolate can lower blood pressure in the short term, does that mean it can translate into a long-term health benefits too?

Rebecca Denison, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Dietitian/Diabetes Educator with the Geckle Diabetes and Nutrition Center at GBMC, says:

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