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Keeping healthy Nutrition Habits

February 23, 2022

Jana Wolff, RDN, LDN, became a member of the GBMC Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) in July 2016 as its Director of Nutrition. Jana received her bachelor’s degree in both Nutrition Sciences and Communications and completed her dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins. Jana has always been interested in the unique role that food plays in people’s lives. Jana also worked in worksite wellness for seven years before becoming a Registered Dietitian. In her spare time, she loves cooking with her husband and spending time with friends and family.

Christian Schaffer of WMAR-2, spoke with Jana to help viewers learn and understand the importance of nutrition habits.

Three Takeaways

  1. Surgical fat removal is less successful if you are unable to sustain results after the surgery. Increasing protein intake and physical activity is needed after having the surgery and could make results last longer than not doing these things at all.
  2. Losing the weight is the easy part, but maintaining the weight loss is where the struggle comes in. Exercising and a balanced diet go hand in hand during a healthy weight loss journey. Being able to balance your intake through food and outtake through exercise is the key to working toward each person’s ideal weight.
  3. Confidence, patience, and energy are the number one fuels for a successful weight journey. Believing that you are able to achieve your goal, actively putting effort out, and keeping pace can help you get to your goal.

The decision to have weight-loss surgery can be a long and difficult one to make, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff of GBMC’s COMP program will help support you every step of the way. Visit for more information.

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