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Local Couple Joins Yaggy Society with Estate Gift

June 28, 2021
Bill and Suzanne Higinbothom enjoyed the simple things in life.

The couple felt comfortable where they grew up, in Baltimore County, and chose to make their married home in Towson. It was a home filled with memories they made together, not the latest and greatest in appliances or electronics. Even nearing the end of his life, Bill was known to relish what he called, “chocolate milk” (chocolate-flavored Ensure) and an Entenmann’s doughnut.

Bill died on March 8, 2021 at the age of 93, leaving GBMC a $1 million bequest designated for The Promise Project. The couple’s affinity for GBMC, no doubt, grew from seeing it as their community hospital, located in the place they called home. Weeks before Bill died, he was treated at GBMC for COVID-19, which he contracted just before, or between, vaccine doses. Though he decided to provide for GBMC in his will long ago, Bill was also grateful for the care he received during his final hospital visit.

According to the couple’s attorney, Jon Eisner, “GBMC quickly got his fever under control. With dementia, it is better to be someplace familiar. It was nice GBMC was able to quickly get him to the point where it was easy to transition him back to where he was comfortable before he died.”

Jon met the couple in the early 2000s, after Bill had retired from practicing law at a firm he shared with his father and brother. Suzanne was a secretary early in her career before she met Bill. The couple had no children and a limited social life, but they loved spending time together, especially out on the water.

“They adored each other,” Jon said. And their commitment to each other was evident. When Suzanne passed away in 2017 from a cancer no one knew she had, family quickly realized she had also been solely caring for Bill’s worsening dementia.

A World War II veteran, Bill was known to be hard-working and kind, someone who enjoyed life, including fast cars and “smoking enough cigarettes to keep Phillip Morris in business,” Jon said. Suzanne was equally as kind and dedicated. Jon also remembers her as being a straight talker, confident in what she wanted. A 1949 graduate of Bryn Mawr School, Jon recalled the time she called for his advice on a car purchase. She was concerned after visiting a handful of dealerships that she could not find a car without electric windows. She wanted the kind you rolled up-and-down, manually.

Directing their gift to GBMC’s The Promise Project, the Higinbothoms’ generosity will undoubtedly assist their favorite community healthcare system to keep a promise GBMC made to the community five decades ago – to treat patients as if they were our own loved ones – just like the Higinbothoms did with each other.
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