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Managing diabetes during the holidays with GBMC Dietitian, Lisa Davis

November 14, 2017
Eating healthy during the holidays can be a real challenge, but for people with diabetes the temptations can be disastrous. In this segment of "To Your Health," Lisa Davis, RDN, LDN, CDE, a registered and licensed dietitian with the GBMC Geckle Diabetes & Nutrition Center, offers guidelines and strategies to create a healthy life for you during the holidays, and every day.

"Staying healthy doesn't mean that diabetes sufferers can't enjoy the holidays," says Davis, "But, with parties, family gatherings, and travel demands, managing blood sugar levels can be more challenging than ever."

What does Davis recommend keeping top-of-mind? Food balance and glucose testing. "When preparing or choosing holiday meals, don't overload with heavy carbohydrates," she says. "Choose protein and non-starchy vegetables, with limited whole grain options. If you're traveling, don't forget supplies so you can monitor your blood sugar as you normally would."

Davis offers a variety of ways to plan ahead so people with diabetes can enjoy the holidays and avoid the oftentimes unlimited temptations, including:
  • Keeping balance in mind when preparing the holiday meal
  • Creating appetizers that are low in carbohydrates and delicious
  • Focusing on the special foods that go with the holiday menu
  • Pairing unsweetened and sugar-free drinks with fresh fruit
  • Choosing desserts without added sugar such as baked apples with cinnamon and nuts
  • Eating a healthy snack before a gathering to tide you over, and help pace yourself
  • Packing a small meal and sparkling water if you're traveling
"Watch what you eat and check your glucose levels," adds Davis, "but most of all, enjoy the holiday time you spend with family and friends."
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