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Meet Your Leaders: Christina Fitts

December 11, 2018
Christina is one of GBMC's newest members on the Board of Directors. In her entrepreneurial and civic service endeavors throughout the past 25 years, she has supported customers across various industries in the federal, private and nonprofit sectors both nationally and internationally, and has become well-connected with other civic leaders – in true Baltimore fashion.

Her career has mostly focused in workforce management and staff, but according to Christina, "my true passion was unearthed when I launched a nurse staffing division; ultimately fueling my interest in all things healthcare." And when Harry Johnson, GBMC's former Chair of the Board of Directors, recommended she join. She didn't hesitate.

Current owner and manager of A Perfect Fit Assisted Living, whose mission is to transform the lifestyles of seniors, we are honored to have Christina's talents on our Board.

Christina Fitts, GBMC Board of Directors
Christina Fitts, GBMC Board of Directors
What was your motivation for wanting to be a part of GBMC’s Board of Directors?
It may sound a bit cliché but even before the opportunity of a board seat was presented to me, I was praising the work of the health system. I have had nothing less than positive experiences as a patient. GBMC is where our youngest son was born and where my husband had orthopedic surgery. But what stands out for me is the excellent treatment my mother received surrounding a health scare in 2011. Upon her discharge, I wrote a heartfelt letter to the leadership, filled with accolades for the staff.

Fast forward seven years later, the outstanding work continues, and the hospital president and I had a chance meeting discussing none other than the emailed letter he still had in his possession. I'm infatuated with the lifesaving work of healthcare professionals in general, but GBMC's entire core delivers healing with genuine concern and consideration for their patients and patient loved ones, which is the type of organization I'm dedicated to serving.

How did that feel when you realized Dr. Chessare had your letter, after all of that time?
I was shocked but truly elated! Actually, it evoked the same emotions that led me to write the letter the first time.

That simple act validated my beliefs and helped me to better understand what makes GBMC so uniquely attractive. It was clear the leadership had a positive impact on the entire system and everyone lived the mission.

What do you feel you bring to the Board’s work?
One of my key contributions is my recent work in analyzing and supporting healthcare systems in other markets via talent management. I bring operational efficiencies and innovation used by some of the country's leading Fortune 50 organizations, which could positively influence how GBMC operates. Add to that my overall heightened enthusiasm.

Are there any goals you have for yourself or the organization that you plan to tackle while serving?
Technically, I am in the orientation phase, so I am still being introduced to all the organization offers. I have an affinity for seniors, and I'm sure I'll work toward identifying improvements surrounding elder care.

What are you most excited about working on as a part of the Board?
I think I've found my niche serving on the Quality Committee as the mission is closely aligned with much of the work I have performed in my career. Exceeding patient expectations and providing continuous high levels of service is what I find exciting.

Though I cannot overlook the bonds and relationships I have begun to form. I am honored to add my talents and collaborate with such a creative group of people with varying backgrounds, and I am very impressed with the board and their accomplishments to-date.

Any board actions that have stuck with you in particular?
I applaud the board and the entire system for continuous improvement. Reviewing the reports and surveys which presented the necessary changes with regard to quality, and then seeing how they were swiftly implemented was quite impressive. I'm sure a lot of hard work went into moving GBMC closer toward excellent.
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