Important: COVID-19 Testing, Booster, & Visitor Policy

For nearly two years, healthcare workers have battled COVID-19. And our community is grateful. We were beyond touched to receive so many thoughtful messages for our staff when we put out a call. Thank you for showing our frontline staff that they are not alone.

If you would like to be a part, we would love to hear from you! Share your gratitude message now.

Just want to say thank you to every worker at GBMC. Everyone plays a part, especially the nurses and doctors that are taking care of the patients. God bless you, all.

— Patricia

Thank you for saving my life! A sore throat turned into a bacterial infection that tried to kill me. Thank you to the doctors and nurses that treated and cared for me!

— Kathleen

As a specialty physician, I want to express my gratitude for the frontline physicians, NPs/PAs, and nurses in GBMC's ER and ICUs, dealing with COVID for over 2 years on a nearly daily basis. My admiration is boundless, and my thanks are immense. They all rock!

— Antonie

Thank you for saving the lives you have saved and for staying on the front line where the fear of contracting COVID yourself must be ever present.

— Cindi

Sending a message of sincere gratitude for all healthcare workers now in these challenging times, and always. Your care and skill are vital to the sick and infirm. Thank you, thank you. You are my heroes!!!

— Rosalie

I just want to thank the medical staff, in all capacities, for your devotion to the care of your patients and their families. I can't imagine the stress and pressure you are feeling over the past two years. You are lifted up in prayer constantly for your health and safety and hope you know how much your dedication is appreciated!

— Stacey

Thank you to the good people working through these tough times.

— Mary

Thank you for all you do!!! To all the staff, you may not hear this often enough, but you and your sacrifices are truly appreciated!!!!

— Connie

Keep up the good work! We appreciate you!

— Tracey

GBMC staff have been wonderful with responding to MyChart inquiries!! KUDOS to all the ESSENTIAL WORKERS!!

— Jessica

Thank you for all that you do for your patients, their families, and the community as a whole!

— Kate

Thank you for your dedication, hard work and the long hours you put in!!!

— Donna

Your dedication to the healthcare system is truly appreciated. What a difficult two years this has been for hospital care employees. We THANK YOU!

—  Anonymous

We can never underestimate the stress that taking care of so many seriously ill people can have upon our healthcare workers. We all need to be grateful for their continued display of concern and compassion as well as demonstrating their expertise under battle-filled conditions where their own safety is constantly at risk. Not only do they deliver their services under extremely stressful conditions, but they do so politely and methodically. They are able to combine human concern with objective care and delivery, which is not as easy as it may sound. May God watch over them and their families always!

—  Allan

Thank you to all the healthcare workers and support teams at GBMC. You are the reason so many patients are still alive. Thank you for your caring, your commitment to your jobs, and for your sacrifices. Please know that you are appreciated. God bless you for all you do!

—  Terri

Thank you so much. You'll never see me for COVID because I'm boosted and staying home (literally ALL the time). I know not everyone has this privilege, so I will be one less problem for you all. That's about as good as I can do in terms of respect and thanks.

—  Eliza

Thank you for everything you do to help us when we are sick. I love knowing that GBMC is my neighborhood hospital. Myself and my family are so grateful for your service to us and our community. In highest regards, The Miles Family

—  Kate

Thanks for your service. I hope, on top of creating this form for morale, that the hospital is raising your pay!!! Stand together and stand strong!

—  Jo

To all the GBMC staff who soldier on with the ongoing pandemic, you deserve my family's thanks and prayers. In your honor, we are fully vaccinated and boosted, wearing masks and limiting outdoor tasks to only essential ones. Our goal is NOT to add to your workload. Know that you are appreciated for all that you do for our community. Godspeed!

—  Marcia

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you! Stay well, stay well, stay well, stay well! Tell your families we thank them for you!

—  Ann

To all the dedicated healthcare workers at GBMC, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the early mornings, long nights, weekends, missed meals, lost family time, and self-care deprivation which you have endured since March 2020. Each of you is a hero in the truest sense of the word. You gave me my first and second shots, a gift that I treasure. Bless you and thank you!

—  Tracey

Thank you for being a hero in these incredibly crazy times.

—  Jeff

Thank you for all you do for our community! Each and every day you give your all to the community! Know that you are appreciated and highly respected. Have a blessed 2022!

—  Karen

I am so grateful to Dr. Friesen and the amazing day nursing staff who gave top notch care when I was in hospital at GBMC for eight days. The nurses and techs could not have been kinder. You could see they were tired by shift's end, but they were still smiling and gentle. The cardio staff was beyond amazing as well. All of my docs are at GBMC. They have been for 30 years and will continue to be. Thanks, GBMC.

—  LoRe

I am very thankful for all the amazing healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic. It's not lost on us what you all are dealing with on a daily basis. My thoughts are with you all during another difficult surge. Keep breathing and know how thankful your community is for all that you do, see and sacrifice for the well-being of others.

—  Kirsten

Nurses, Doctors and Staff, I pray for you as you fight the good fight during the pandemic. Me, my family and friends are awestruck by your dedication and wonder how you find the strength. May God bless each of you, keep you healthy and bring you peace. Lots of love.

—  Laura

I'm in awe of everything you've been doing throughout the pandemic. I brought my mom to GBMC for infusions at the Cancer Center last winter and was blown away at how hard everyone was working under all that PPE. Every last person was kind and gracious in what was a very scary time. I wish that people would get vaccinated and you weren't still dealing with this!! You are amazing!

—  Becky

Thank you for giving your time and your ability to assist so many others. Thank you for the sacrifice you make of being away from your family and friends to be of service to those who need your assistance. I pray God will touch you with a sense of deep satisfaction and the gift of inner peace knowing you are a source of comfort. "Thank you" are simple words that express more gratitude than any words can ever express. God bless you!

—  Darrell

Thank you for not giving up! Knowing that you are there gives us peace that nothing else besides faith in God can provide during this pandemic. Thank you for being brave and facing COVID for our sakes. We cannot put a value on your choice to stay in the fight. Thank you with all my heart.

—  Cathy

Thank you for being our frontline in this pandemic. Your courage and perseverance are wonderful. May you find peace and mercy. Onward.

—  Jay

Thank you for your resilience during this time. You are true heroes to continue doing this work during this difficult time. It is very much appreciated!!!

—  Eleanor

To all of the dedicated healthcare workers at GBMC, thank you for the best possible care you gave to my husband. Your excellence gave us more years together than we might have imagined. I will be forever grateful. I wish you all good health and peace in the coming year.

—  Pam

Thanks for all your hard work!!

—  Andrew

You have proven to be the best of society and humanity. You didn't sign up for this, and yet you make countless sacrifices every day to serve your community. As a society, I sometimes feel that we are not worthy of your kindness. I pray for all of you - nurses, doctors, administrators, custodians, therapists, technicians, pharmacists, and everyone else who makes the wheels of the hospital turn daily. This crisis will one day fade, but I will forever remember everything you have done for all of us. We are humbled and forever indebted to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

—  May

May God continue to give us strength to weather this storm. This too shall pass. Keep up the great work.

—  Gail

Thank you so much for working so hard for so long to take care of everyone!!

—  Lori

You guys are true warriors. Thank you for continuing to help us fight this seemingly endless battle. We would be nothing without your strength. God bless you all!

—  Anonymous

Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices! It is not easy, but we often take the sacrifices you all make for granted! I just want to thank you all for every little moment you give of your time, mental health and energy to ensure the majority's safety, even when it seems to not work out in your favor!

—  Brashaun and Brailyn

Thank you so much, all the healthcare workers and staff at GBMC! You have been sorely needed in the past two years and we know that the strain has been overwhelming. Thank you for your dedication to healthcare for all of the people you have treated. I'd also like to thank Dr. John Chessare, MD for his many updates that have kept the public in the know regarding COVID-19. Please take care of yourselves and I pray that you will all stay healthy and safe now and in the new year. We pray that our Lord and Savior will get us past this COVID nightmare, that we might once again be able to move about in a less fearful fashion. God bless all of you at GBMC!!

—  Debbie

I am in tears as I write this. As a retired occupational therapist, I worked with the most amazing nurses, MDs, NPs, PAs, respiratory therapists, etc. And as someone who has struggled with severe asthma, cancer, and now early onset Parkinson's Disease, I have been the recipient of incredible care. You all have been my heroes since I was a kid. Now, you are my superheroes. Please know that the difficult work you are doing every hour does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You all are in my prayers.

—  Sue

Thanks so much for coming to work! You rock! Know that you DO make a difference.

—  Joan

You are thought of day in and day out as we know you're there for us no matter what. Please take care of yourselves and your families. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. We care. We appreciate you and we are here for you too. You are not alone. You're in hearts and minds at all hours and days. Thank you all.

—  Connie

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. We really appreciate the sacrifices that you are making to take care of those of us in need.

—  Gary

Thank you so much for your selfless work and endless hours that you put in to care for the sick. COVID has been relentless and frustrating for everyone, but you live with it every day. God bless you and keep you and your families safe.

—  Peggy

Thank you for everything you do! I hope you continue to maintain your passion for helping others get well while taking care of your own mental and physical health. Thank you again. You are all invaluable!

—  Sheree

To the whole GBMC Family: Over the years, we've required several health procedures and care. By choice, we selected GBMC physicians - special shout out to the teams of Dr. Kim Levinson and Dr. Jani! We notice and appreciate the dedication and attention to detail across departments and recognize the unique demands that COVID-19 and variants put upon your services. Each employee brings knowledge and skills, and we imagine the weariness of precautions calling on flexibility to produce necessary, novel coordination. We are grateful for your wisdom and care holding the community. We pray for strength.

—  Sandra

As a former nurse at GBMC, I so feel for you ladies and gentlemen who give it your all each day! Now retired, I have been an oncology patient at this same institution where I worked for more than 40 years. Thank you for your dedication and service! Give these employees a raise, but better yet, visit the units and express your appreciation! It means a lot!

—  Mamie

We are so grateful that there are dedicated workers like you who give so much of yourselves to care for those who need it. Our society is better off because of your unselfish commitment. We express our gratitude to you.

—  John and Donna

Thank you for all that you do every day to help us stay healthy and safe. We are grateful for your time and effort and for putting your and your family's well-being at risk to care for those who need it. We wish you all the very best in this coming new year.

—  Stan

Your continuing dedication and bravery do not go unnoticed. As a teacher of the most vulnerable student population, my students are part of the lowest cognitive level of the special education population. It is a very scary time and this has been a very rocky road. For you, there has been little let up and now we are building intensity again! As a teacher, my heart goes out to you and you have my admiration of your dedication to your profession.

—  Kathy

Thank you to Maternal Child healthcare workers. You are doing an amazing job during this pandemic with the rise in births and the continued high census in the NICU. You are all so appreciated.

—  Maria

We are so grateful for everything you do! We are aware of the sacrifices you are making during the pandemic to keep us all safer, and we appreciate it so much. Keep the faith. We need you.

—  Mark

Kudos to you for your kindness and medical expertise in caring for all of us. We are so grateful. Support staff have been an important part of the hospital's effort to keep us all healthy too. Thank you! From a grateful, boosted, sometimes patient.

—  Lynn

Thank you healthcare professionals and the entire staff for providing quality healthcare services to the Baltimore community. Appreciated beyond words. May our neighbors who are leary of the vacinne get their doses soon. Follow the medicine. To a brighter 2022!

—  Joseph

You da bomb!!!

—  David

Special thanks to Dr. Erin Hong, our pediatrician. Our first child was born six weeks before the pandemic started and during what I can imagine has been a very challenging couple years as a physician, she has been nothing short of amazing. She is extremely kind, compassionate, patient, and takes the time to answer every single question. She and the other doctors in the office relieved my anxieties as a first time parent, and I vividly remember the kindness they showed me during those early postpartum days. Dr. Hong has made herself available and goes above and beyond, always encouraging me to reach out with any questions or concerns. Our second child was born a couple months ago and throughout pregnancy I reached out to her looking for guidance regarding navigating a pandemic while pregnant with a toddler. She is top notch and I am so grateful for her and the other doctors and staff in the office. They truly live out the GBMC code to treat every patient as if they were their own loved one.

—  Sarah

I really do appreciate the outstanding, heroic work all of you offer patients and families 24/7. For the last 15 years (recently retired), I worked as a chaplain in healthcare and I know the kind of challenges and sacrifices each of you makes everyday. God bless all of you - please stay safe and well. May the Lord truly bless you in '22!

—  Henry

Thank you for helping people and keeping us safe.

—  Olivia (age 10)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We appreciate greatly your work to care for both COVID and non-COVID patients throughout this pandemic. My wife received chemotherapy treatments from March through June, and the nurses and doctors were always very caring and compassionate, even under the circumstances of everyone having to wear a mask. Soon, we hope, things will start to get back to a pre-pandemic normalcy of people being able to interact without the need to mask and then we look forward to seeing your beautiful, smiling faces.

—  Steve and Leslie

My wife and I and so grateful to all of you. You are so selfless and I hope this variant dissipates soon. But, in the meantime, THANK you!!!

—  Thomson

Thank you so much for all that you do. My daughter is an L&D nurse at a different hospital and she has had more patients on the COVID floor than since the pandemic began. Healthcare workers are being pushed to their limit and I pray for all of you. I pray this begins to subside soon. Again thank you!!

—  Maddie

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and patience as we work through another COVID outbreak. I respect your profession and appreciate all that you put forth to ensure the patients receive good, quality care. Thank you for all you do for the community. Please know it is greatly appreciated.

—  Bonnie

Thank you for all of your hard work over the last two years. People wouldn't be alive without the dedication that you have demonstrated.

—  Mary Jean

You folks are doing God's work, and we all appreciate you so much. You have seen so much suffering and death, and maybe even suffered illness yourself or lost loved ones. I worry about you, I really do. Please know that some of us are out here trying our best to never meet you, never need you, and we pray for you every night. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do.

—  Karen

I can't begin to thank you enough for hanging in there and giving your all day after day through this pandemic. You are angels on earth and we need you. Please know that for every idiot out there who questions you or gives you a hard time, there are 100 of us sane and thoughtful people who give thanks and pray for your safety daily. So much gratitude!!!!

—  Karin

Your dedication to the healthcare system is truly appreciated. What a difficult two years this has been for hospital care employees. We THANK YOU!

—  Anonymous

Many, many thanks for all you do!!!!

—  Sarah

To all of the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff, thank you for all your fabulous work and commitment.

—  Victor

Sending much gratitude to you and your fellow healthcare colleagues. Thank you so much for your hard work and consistent care for those in our community that need it. Sending you strength, light, and a wish for better days in the coming new year.

—  Lauren

I want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you give to your patients day in and day out. You sacrifice so much. I think we thought this pandemic would be over by now. It is frustrating that there are still those who refuse vaccinations and thus, make things so much harder on the rest of us, especially on our healthcare workers. The vast majority of us know how much you are doing and can't say enough: THANK YOU!

—  Karen

Thank you for hanging in there day after day to take care of desperately ill people. We are thankful for your sacrifices.

—  Lois

As a patient and long-time GBMC volunteer, I have known for years that the staff who fill the GBMC buildings are the amazing heart and soul of the institution. During the last two years when I am driving up Charles Street, I always look at the GBMC sign and wonder how the staff are managing all the work and stress. I only have to wear a mask for short periods of time and it is a necessary nuisance, but all of you manage very complex gear for 8-,10-, 12-hour shifts. You do this day after day and now week, month, and year after year. Thank you to all of you who have braved the COVID environment to care for all of us. We are blessed to have all of you.

—  Mary

Thank you all at GBMC for your fine work and care for my family and everyone else's. I pray you all stay safe; thanks for all you do!

—  Carly

Thank you for working tirelessly through all of this pandemic. We appreciate you all!!!

—  Anonymous

I want to thank all healthcare workers. You work tirelessly and I appreciate all you do.

—  Jen

To our healthcare workers: "Thank you" will never suffice for all you do every day and for the difference you make for your patients and their families. No matter what role you play, you are an integral part of the care of every patient. Your work and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, especially during this darn pandemic! Please stay strong, stay healthy, and know that we are with you!


You must all be exhausted. We are lucky to have you. Thank you for sacrificing for the rest of us.

—  Mary Ellen

Health care hero, Thank you for your courage and care. You are in our prayers daily. Wishing you strength and health — we will get through this!

—  Kathleen

Thank you for everything!! You are our heroes more now than ever.

—  Anonymous

I want to pray and thank every person in the healthcare field for everything you do each and every day. You are appreciated and respected for the countless sacrifice you make to take care of so many patients.

—  Etroy

I just want you all to know that during this time, you are not forgotten. You are celebrated for the bravery you show during this crisis, that has once again put a strain on the medical system, healthcare workers and families. You sacrifice your own lives, families, and time to do help your communities get through these trying times and that does not go unnoticed. I and my family, friends and co-workers are grateful for EVERYONE who works in healthcare. This is a team effort, from dietary, housekeepers, billers, non-clinical and, most of all, the clinical staff who have to put on a brave face and be, not only providers, but sometimes stand in for family members to help these patients get through this horrible disease. Just know you are doing your best and please, please, don't feel defeated when you have done all you could have done for your patients. Also, please, take some time for yourself, taking care of you is just as important in order to be there for others. You are LOVED & APPRECIATED. May God continue to bless you all as you do this work.

—  Zena

To the dedicated healthcare workers at GBMC, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL you have endured these past 21 months to care for your patients under unimaginably difficult conditions! Know that people in the community truly appreciate your sacrifices and are praying for your well-being and for this pandemic to end.

—  Cynthia

I do not personally work in the healthcare profession, but my daughter-in-law does. She feels it a privilege to serve her patients, as do the nurses that work under her direction. She has a heart for service and it shows in how she treats her patients and coworkers. Even though she has risen to management, she doesn't hesitate to get in the trenches with her nurses. I just love her!!!

—  Katherine

Thank you for your dedication and for caring for those in your hospital while trying to stay well yourself.

—  Ginny Ellen

Speaking as one who has a whole bunch of joint replacements, screws, rods, at least one donor part and all the stents I care to ever have, let me say: God bless all nurses! And the docs too! Can't forget the docs. Happy New Year and thank you!

—  Alex

Thank you all for what you do. I appreciate you so much. Keep doing what you do.

—  April

There are few words I can say that really express how grateful my family and I are for each and every doctor, nurse and staff in GBMC. Please don't let the very small group of non-vaxer's discourage you. The vast majority of people have enormous respect and appreciation for you. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

—  Margaret

Please know that my I, my friends and neighbors are so grateful for your dedication and commitment to our community's wellbeing. We love you and wish you health and happiness in the new year.

—  Delores

Dear nurses, I know you all are stressing and even with all your great training these times are a lot on your plate. Make sure you get some time for yourself at work. Step outside and breathe on your own and get some fresh air. Best Regards and thanks!

—  John

Thank you! My then-90-year-old Mom was admitted to GBMC last year for UTI and many other elderly issues. Thankfully, I was able to visit her daily. The care she received was good and caring. I am happy to write that Mom just celebrated her 91st birthday. Thank you again for your care and compassion under such extraordinary circumstances. We need you all now more than ever. A happy and healthy new year to us all.

—  Marina

I am a nurse (retired) and have always loved my work. I can't tell you how sorry I am that you are faced with this task of so many, very sick people. Please take time to congratulate yourself every day for the choice you made to become a healthcare provider. I pray that you never come to regret that decision... you need to remember that your actions can change lives. Thank you.

—  Daria

There aren't enough words to tell you how much you are appreciated and the magnitude of the difference you make. I know you are weary, but highly dedicated. You are a true inspiration and in my prayers for the strength that carries you through. Thank you for all you do!

—  Sharon

I would especially like to thank the healthcare workers at the GBMC Hunt Valley office. They have been patient and kind and caring. And they've kept so many healthy in a pandemic despite their own fatigue and stress. Your efforts are seen and appreciated. Happy New Year to all.

—  Dawn

To the unknown hero getting this message... thank you for all your sacrifices and hard work, especially during this pandemic. You are appreciated, loved and prayed for. May God bless and protect you and your families.

—  Lisa

As we prepare for a new year that hopefully will be healthier and happier for all, here is my most deeply felt thank you to every healthcare worker. Your professionalism, dedication and just plain grit have saved countless numbers of people and made millions of lives better. We are in awe of your skills!

—  Ripley

Thank you for the special care you share with those entrusted to you for their health.

—  Corinna

A few weeks ago, I brought my 4-year-old daughter in to the ER with a deep cut above her eyebrow. The waiting room was full and we waited for two hours. My daughter was tired and a little scared, and I was worried the toll COVID-19 had taken on the staff would affect our visit. I was wrong. Despite being exhausted and short staffed, the women who helped us could not have been more attentive and kind. We left with nine stitches and a feeling of profound gratitude for the people who are so dedicated and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

—  Emlyn

There are no words to thank you for your Herculean efforts throughout this pandemic. Know that we are so grateful for you and all that you do and have done!

—  Reeves

Thank you to all the GBMC medical workers and staff — each and every one — for your dedicated, loving help to us all. Every patient you treat, or phone call you make or task that you do has ripple effects upon the entire Baltimore community. You not only treat the sick, but you also help keep the uninfected healthy by preventing the spread of COVID. And how can we ever thank you for the emotional support that you have given us. You are my heroes! Happy 2022 and thank you!!

—  Jonathan

Caring for others requires both courage and charity. Courage to expose yourself to the risks of infection, and charity to others by undertaking those risks in your efforts to better their lives.

—  Dan

It's hard to believe that we are going on two years of dealing with COVID. As my husband would say, "Do you have a mouse in your pocket?!" Because YOU are the ones who have been dealing with COVID, not me! Thank you SO much to each member of the GBMC team for staying strong and fighting for people who need you. I can't even imagine what you and your families have been through physically and emotionally since March 2020, but please know that your community appreciates every sacrifice you have made to keep us safe. Cheers to a brighter, healthier, and happy 2022!

—  Meredith

Thanks for all that you do, your sacrifices for the benefit of all of us is greatly appreciated. Hopefully you get some rest and relief sooner than later.

—  Ben

To our priceless healthcare workers, I am so grateful to you for continuing your merciful, compassionate, self-sacrificing care for others. I know your job is especially dangerous right now. I'm so sorry that you have had to watch too many lives slip away. Thank you for your courage. I pray that God will keep you safe and give you strength to continue. You are the lifeline for so many. Look back at all of the lives you have saved. You are miracle workers. Know that there are so many of us that recognize and appreciate all that you do.

—  Beverly

To any and every worker who reads this: Thank you for your hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Whether or not you believe this virus is a hoax, whether or not you believe the vaccine is a government conspiracy or whether you feel that the unvaccinated don't deserve the medical care they now require because they refused the vaccine, you still showed up. You still got the vaccine. You still provide the care. Despite the hours, missed time with family, compromise of convictions, despite the repeated exposure not just of yourself but the also the loved ones around you, even despite the mental exhaustion and trauma, you still show up and continue to make that sacrifice. I sleep easier knowing that if and when my father ends up getting the virus and is hospitalized, there will be a place for him to go and that what can be done will be done. He's vaccinated and boosted but in very poor health. My stomach stays in a knot for you. Doctors, PAs, nurses, registrars, environmental workers, transport, radiology and phlebotomy, you are keeping things going instead of letting them grind to a halt. Thank you a million times over for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. COVID has brought out the best and the worst in humanity. Thank you for being part of Team Best. We are lost without you. <3

—  Krystal

Thank you for your dedication and perseverance. Please know that there are many people who appreciate your hard work over the last two years. Here's hoping that 2022 brings an end to this pandemic.

—  Melanie

Dear doctors, nurses and healthcare workers: My heart goes out to you with gratitude and love. Thank you for your selfless commitment to the care of our community. Without you, we would be lost. I thank you for not giving up on the days you want to quit. Thank you for taking the extra time before you even start your day, to test and to get right back to work as soon as you can. Thank you for giving your whole self even on the days when your whole self feels like a puzzle missing a few pieces. You are all heroes. Sending prayers for continued strength!

—  Maggie

Thanks for your good work. You are appreciated and valued. You are valuable to this world to everyone you treat now and will in the future. Stay strong and take care of yourself.

—  Patricia

Thank you and your staff for your extraordinary service taking care of COVID patients, including the ones who were not wise enough to get vaccinated.

—  Robert

As volunteers at GBMC, we see first hand how dedicated and hard working staff on all levels and how all departments perform their duties, day after day after day. We are proud to be miniscule parts of the system. Thank you, thank you!!

—  Emil and Susan

A heart-felt wish of love, light and laughter goes out to the healthcare workers, whatever your role is, in keeping the places of healing going! May all the care and skill you provide return to you and yours in uplifting ways many times over! And a special thank you to the palliative care workers associated with GBMC and Gilchrist! Your services mean the world to my family! Showers of gratitude and well wishes!

—  Terry

Thank you for ALL you do! You guys are amazing!

—  Susan

Thank you so much for your unconditional love and care. Don't forget to thank and gift the night time shift nurses.

—  Despina

Thank you for your faithfulness in trying circumstances, your deep caring and your skillful attention. Blessing and strength to you, and the thanks of a grateful community!

—  Amy

We appreciate GBMC! We love all the things you do for us right now. We hope you can help us get through this virus. It isn't fun, but we can work together while COVID is here. The vaccine is here so that helps a lot! Thanks for helping us get through this!

—  Evie (age 7)

Thank you! You deserve applause and gift baskets and firework shows and a million dollars each. Wish I could give all of you these things. My family and I are all as vaccinated as can be and doing our best to stay out of your way, but we still admire and appreciate you dearly!


Thank you for taking care of me when I had surgery. I literally almost died during a surgery at another hospital, so I was really, really nervous about the surgery. Your team went above and beyond to take good care of me. You were kind and made sure I got introduced to everyone on my team before surgery. You have been to hell and back the past two years. Thank you for hanging in there. You are my hero!

—  Lisa

The community is grateful for you. Focus on the positivity and appreciation held by the greater majority of this community. You make a difference. Thank you for being you.

—  Victoria

I am so grateful for all of you heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

—  Angie

Words needed are inadequate to express my immense gratitude to you for your tireless, unselfish and much unappreciated work with the sick and hospitalized during these unbelievably endless virus-ridden days. May God keep you safe and may your generosity in Spirit be returned to you in 2022, pressed down and running over.

—  O Yvonne

Thank you for giving so much to help the ones that need it most. You are braver than you realize. Real life heroes. Thank you!

—  Jessica

Thank you so much for all that you are doing in these difficult times. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Prayers for your continued health and safety.

—  Joyce

Thank you in persisting in the very challenging work you do daily, putting yourself and those you are close to at risk to help others. I hope this surge will convince some of the vaccine resistant to get the shot. Wishing you peace and good health in 2022. Please remember how important the work you do is to all of us! You are much appreciated!!

—  Jeanie

Thank you for your continued dedication to serving the community in all health needs! We know you have worked tremendously hard to support the community in the last two years!

—  Doug

Thank you for the special care you share with those entrusted to you for their health.

—  Corinna

Thank you so much for what you do. As the mother of an ER nurse in a different state, I am aware of your tireless efforts to take care of an overwhelming number of patients around the clock. I hope you all stay as healthy as possible both physically and mentally — it's brutal out there. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

—  Pat

I can remember doing work like yours from my pre-retirement years. I don't think then it was as hard, long, nor nearly as potentially dangerous. Try to remember your work is appreciated and we count you as one of our many blessings. Your friends and family admire you for this true fight for life. Thanks seems hardly enough to say, but multiply my thanks by the number of lives you have saved to approximate the total thanks you have earned.

—  Marie

With my admiration, appreciation, and gratitude for all that you do. You are the true heroes!

—  Polly

To all of you who are and have been on the front lines: You are appreciated VERY MUCH. I don't think there is any way to properly convey how much what you are doing means to us. I know sometimes it seems like a thankless job, but your sacrifices will not be forgotten. Thank you for giving up so much every day and continuing to do everything you can to beat this pandemic, save lives, and keep us healthy.

—  Christine

Team! I wanted to simply say thank you! I was in the ER on 12/26 for about six hours. I watched you listen, respond, understand, communicate, support, redirect, develop creative solutions and more. I have been talking about you all since I left the hospital. What you are doing and how you are conducting and handling patient-centered care is remarkable! I will be singing your praises for many weeks to come. Stay strong. We need you and please share how we can support you.

—  Heather

God sees you. He knows how tired and defeated you are. He loves you immeasurably and fills you with His spirit to do this hard work. Know that you are being prayed for by so many and held up as the heroes and hands of Him working through this time. May you feel His presence and steady hand. And may you experience blessings to come after we get through this!!

—  Amy

I gave birth this past spring to my first child and all my care was done by the fabulous team at GBMC and Capital Women's Care. Going through this huge life event during a pandemic was nerve-wracking, but everyone we came into contact with was kind, patient, and understanding of our questions and concerns. I specifically want to thank the amazing nurses and support staff in the Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Units and the counselors and ultrasound techs in the prenatal genetics center. Thank you so much for all you do each day to help families as they navigate pregnancy and birth.

—  Abby

A thank you will not be enough for your personal sacrifice and dedication the last couple of years. I do hope your legacy will be an inspiration for the next generation or young men and women who will follow in your footsteps. May 2022 bring you much joy and health!! We appreciate all you do.

—  Ana

You guys are doing a fantastic job considering all the challenges and sacrifices you have to contend with. It is a shame that people don't realize that their selfishness in not trying to protect public health is having a devastating impact on your professional and personal lives. I salute you for staying the course and for your dedication. I wish all of you and your families a very happy holiday season and hope and pray that soon we can relieve you of this burden. May God bless all of you.

—  Sylvia

Thank you to all the healthcare providers who are out there on the frontlines helping to care for the sick, save lives and be away from their families all while doing so! We love you!

—  Lexi & Abby

Team GBMC, Thank you so much for your hard work and sacrifice these holidays. You are appreciated, more than you know. Happy new years to you all. I'll be toasting to you at midnight!

—  Pen

Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice. I just wish more people would get vaccinated.

—  Stanley

I keep all healthcare workers in thought and prayer. Thank you for your sense of duty and compassion. I hope that this will be the last year of heroics as related to COVID. I do my part to keep you and your families safe by getting vaccinated and boosted. You are remarkable people.

—  Lesley

I appreciate your work and sacrifice. We all feel safer and more comforted by your presence.

—  Dickey

Thank you for putting yourself at risk for others. We will never be able to thank you enough for your continued dedication.

—  Lisa

Thank you for your continued dedication to serving the community in all health needs! We know you have worked tremendously hard to support the community in the last two years!

—  Doug

Thank you for being there for us. Our whole family is vaccinated and we hope others will do so too.

—  Lauren

We love you and know the sacrifices you make with your families so that we can remain with ours.

—  Jason

Thank you so much for the dedication and care you're giving to so many especially during these intense circumstances. You all took incredible care of a family member who was hospitalized with COVID, despite their decision to refuse the vaccine. You are appreciated today and every day!

—  Katy

Thank you for your hours of non-stop love. Your efforts are life giving and spirit lifting. We are grateful!!

—  Katie

Thank you for all your efforts!

—  Joshua

Thank you for your dedication, compassion, and strength!

—  Sarah

Thank you for your sacrifice. I don't know what our country would to without you. You are truly heroes!!

—  Lori

I am grateful for the care and patience that each of you are providing to GBMC patients.

—  Mary

To all the healthcare workers, I commend what you are doing and the dedication you have shown through these epic times. You are all stronger than you ever thought, and in these days ahead we are behind you and thank you for all your sacrifices during these times. Stay safe, stay well and most importantly stay strong!!

—  Dominic

You all are heroes. I can't imagine what you're going through right now, but please know the silent majority are out here vaccinated, boostered, and distancing to keep your burden as light as we can. Thank you for the care you give, in this pandemic and any other.

—  Erin

To our heroes in healthcare: While I have not personally been impacted (yet) by this pandemic, I know that many have been. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so brave and steadfast to your oath in medicine to help those that are in need. I certainly understand how frustrating it must be to help those that are unvaccinated, especially since it is such a simple and easy solution to help ease or thwart this virus. Thank you for your sacrifice, your family's sacrifice, and for your ongoing support for our communities.

—  Keith

As volunteers at GBMC, we see first hand how dedicated and hard working staff on all levels and in all departments perform their duties, day after day after day. We are proud to be part of the system. Thank you!

—  Emil and Susan

As a retired RN, I can't imagine how all of the healthcare workers are coping with the stress, longer hours, short staffed and challenging cases associated with COVID. I am so grateful for your dedication and service to all of your patients during these pandemic times.

—  Jennifer

I stand in awe of your dedication to all of us in the community. We all rely on you and your colleagues at GBMC. Thanks for staying tough through this crazy pandemic. You are an inspiration to us all!!

—  Andy

There must be days when you look at the world and patients with wearing patience and think, "Do I even remember what my job was like pre-COVID?" As a patient, I most certainly cannot even begin to comprehend the challenges and exhaustion you have been facing since the pandemic started. I just know I'd be terrified of the world right now if it weren't for you. It's like Fred Rogers said, "look for the helpers." I do, and you give me hope and perspective. In 2022, I wish for you a new normal that looks a little brighter each day, more patients who see how hard you are working and show their appreciation, time away from your job that helps you fill your cup, and, of course, an ease to all the ways that COVID has changed life and your job. Thinking of you with gratitude each and every day!

—  Lisa

I would like to thank all of the GBMC staff who cared for me during my emergency admission in the spring of 2021. Although I know the doctors, nurses, technicians, as well as the transporters, and environmental service members, were under a great deal of stress, they made my stay less frightening. I would also like to express my sincerest appreciation to one of the best doctors I've ever had, Dr. Rajani Tadimalla. She is one of a kind.

—  Michelle

Dear Healthcare Worker(s), Please know that my prayers for each and every one of you have been persistent and intentional. I pray to our Lord give you the perpetual strength to endure these difficult days and nights ahead. May He grant you the courage to face each day's challenges and the fortitude to continue to provide your patients with the compassion and healing gifts you possess. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

—  Jessica

I came to the ED on Christmas Day with a non-COVID related issue (I have had both vaccinations and booster). I was treated with compassion and efficiency and was discharged in about three hours with a needed antibiotic — in time to have Christmas dinner with my family! Thanks to all of you and and may 2022 be a happier and healthier year for all of us.

—  Audrey

Thank you so much for your selfless caring of others!! My family has always been grateful for the care we have received at GBMC. It's where both of our daughters were born. We are so grateful for everything you do!!

—  Audrey

Thank you so very much for all of your compassionate caring support to everyone in need of healthcare. Please know that we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Keep up the good work.

—  Denise

You are true heroes. My 90-year-old mother survived COVID in the early days of its transmission thanks to the care she received at GBMC. Thank you for putting yourself at risk every day to care for others.

—  Denise

I am one of those who has gotten every vaccine available to me, and I am grateful to have avoided becoming sick with COVID. But there have been so many who have become sick and needed your help, and you have been there every single day to help. Saying thank you doesn't seem like nearly enough. But I am grateful beyond words that all of you are there for all of us. Thank you.

—  Terry

I am a healthcare worker — an emergency physician — in Maryland. I would like to thank you whoever you are for all of your thankless hard work, dedication and devotion to our patients, to each other, and to our fellow citizens.

—  Terry

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to those in need, especially in such a scary time in our world. I truly appreciate all that you do for your patients. I had my first baby at GBMC in July 2020 and I couldn't have been in better hands! Each and every nurse and doctor showed me such kindness and tender care during the birthing experience. I will be forever grateful. Thank you all, again! Praying for your safety and resilience in this trying pandemic. Much love to all healthcare workers!!

—  Sierra

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. So very grateful for your dedication to helping heal and care for all. Looking forward to a post-COVID era. Thank you again!!

—  Jennifer

Thank you for all you are doing to care for the sick in our community! I appreciate the long hours, care, and compassion that you show. I pray that you will stay healthy and get the rest you need!

—  Jackie

Thank you for all you do to care for our community. You are true heroes!

—  Karen

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. I am rooting for you and doing my best to encourage people to get vaccinated. You are heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—  Jane

I truly admire and appreciate your dedication and working so hard with so many contagious patients! Please try to take good care of yourself, too. THANK YOU to ALL the staff as everyone's efforts make a difference!

—  Blanche

Thank you to Dr. Simon. I am very grateful for his attentiveness, patience, and great concern for my and my husband's wellbeing. Thank you for getting me on a path to balanced wellness.

—  Heather

Thank you for your daily sacrifice. You hard work is not going unnoticed. My family will continue to be responsible to hopefully end this pandemic. Thank you again for all you do for our community.

—  Michelle

Dear healthcare workers and your loved ones, We can barely comprehend the sacrifice and immense care you provide daily for all humanity. We have all directly or indirectly benefited from your diligence, commitment, expertise, and great heart. Personally, I can say everyone I encountered at GBMC throughout this pandemic has been a light in my day and I am truly thankful. Thank you all for having courage and being very kind. May the peace and joy you have given to others return to you in this New Year and forever.

—  Shauna

No "thank you" is big enough to show my family's gratitude for all that you do! We are fully vaxxed and boostered, and follow all other guidelines to keep ourselves and hopefully others out of the hospital. Your continuing commitment to the health of others is awe-inspiring. We hope you get a break (physically and mentally) soon.

—  Phyllis

Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated!!!

—  Scotti
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