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New Cancer Center Coming to GBMC

September 2, 2021
Thanks to a transformational lead gift from Sandra and Malcolm Berman, GBMC HealthCare will begin construction on the Sandra R. Berman Pavilion in spring 2023 to create a new home for the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC.

The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute is a nationally recognized center of excellence at GBMC. With its expert providers, thriving survivorship program, and more clinical trials than any other community hospital in the region, it marries innovative medicine and research with a personalized approach to care. This new space will strengthen these nationally recognized services and allow room for additional growth in services and medical advancements.

“We see this as the embodiment and ultimate achievement of true multidisciplinary care,” Michael Stein, MHSA, FACMPE, Executive Director of Oncology Services at GBMC, said. “Multidisciplinary care arranges all medical disciplines and support disciplines around the care of every single cancer patient. The sharing of mutual space will bring this vision of care to reality.”

“For the community, it’s going to make a huge difference in the lives of those who have been treated for or have cancer. I knew it was the right thing to do,” Sandy Berman, who has served on the GBMC Board of Directors for more than a decade, said.

A centralized home for cancer care services creates greater synergy by blending three important aspects:
  • Optimization of space and flow by bringing departments, programs, and services into one location, reducing steps for the patient;
  • Incorporating extensive support services, including oncology support, nutrition, counseling, education services, and financial counseling; and
  • Uniting providers and caregivers in one location to function in an advanced multidisciplinary cancer care model.
“All of those things are so important to the care of patients with cancer,” said Paul Celano, MD, FACP, FASCO, Herman and Walter Samuelson Medical Director of the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute. “One of the things I enjoy about caring for patients with cancer is being able to work with wonderful physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and support services that we have here at GBMC. Everything will be right there for us to work collaboratively. I’m excited about how much better it’s going to be for patients.

“Nothing is ever easy about cancer, even in the early stages, and to be able to have this entire team present and together will only improve communication and care.”

In addition to giving Cancer Institute teams space and access to provide more efficient and holistic care, the new building will also provide room for growth – both in opportunities and service offerings as well as to keep up with constantly evolving medical advancements.

“The Berman Cancer Institute has grown dramatically since it first started, in terms of the number of patients we treat, the number of services we have, and the complexity under which we provide the care,” Stein said. “And the program continues to grow. Patients continue to choose us in increasing numbers because of our reputation, our excellence, and unique services. Right now, we are out of room. We have got to increase our footprint.”

The team is looking forward to using that footprint to their advantage. Stein mentioned his personal excitement at being able to design the space from the ground up. Rather than trying to maximize existing space that wasn’t originally designed to fit the needs of modern medicine, the new building will allow the team to dream on a blank slate, ensuring patient care and clinical staff flow are efficient and effective.

For Dr. Celano, “the transformative way this will improve care for patients, improve the experience for patients, improve the reputation of our institution, I just can’t emphasize more my gratitude to Sandy and Malcolm Berman for their support and to the GBMC hospital administration for also supporting this.”

To learn more about The Promise Project, the Sandra R. Berman Pavilion, track our fundraising progress and learn how to make your promise, visit The Promise Project website.
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