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Performance Improvement and Innovation

Helping lead the organization toward achieving its Core Competency of Redesigning Care

The Performance Improvement and Innovation team takes pride in building capability and capacity for improvement across all three of GBMC’s Work Systems – GBMC Hospital, GBMC Health Partners, and Gilchrist. Leveraging the Lean Management System coupled with a variety of system thinking and design tools and principles, the Performance Improvement and Innovation team encourages collaborative improvement efforts and problem solving around some of health care’s greatest challenges.

The team aims to guide strategically aligned, data driven improvement using knowledge management to scale and spread system-wide improvements. Fostering a culture of innovation is a top priority of the Performance Improvement and Innovation Team. An organizational innovation culture is key to meaningfully reducing variation in care processes, increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing the cost of care and incidents of preventable harm. The team continues to build a strong foundation for the culture of innovation by encouraging & empowering everyone throughout the organization to become an expert in improvement. It all starts with a creative idea, the power to speak up, and action that inspires others to lead the change.


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Erin Hudson

Meet Erin Hudson

Erin is the Performance Improvement and Innovation Manager, a guide and coach for each department's improvement journey.

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