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Ray Lewis Encourages True Warriors in Message to Healthcare Heroes

April 15, 2020
“As I sit here now and think about the true warriors of our world – the first responders and the people who are on the battlefield of life while we’re dealing with this pandemic – let me say this personally, thank you. Thank you. Please don’t ever grow weary of doing good because it’s people like you that make this world move forward. I’ve always wondered, how do athletes become more important than the people who save lives? You guys are the heroes. You are the ones who are going to pull us through this.

But I want to let you know, if anything, read Psalms: 91. This is not about your religion, this is about understanding where your safety comes from. We will make it through this. We will overcome this. And on the other side of this, we will honor the ones who sacrificed their lives and their families to make sure that we were better.

God bless you all. Many blessings to you and your families. Take care. And hopefully, one day, we can put all of your names across the screen to let us recognize the true warriors of our world. God bless you.”

Join Ray Lewis and share your own encouraging words here or support the GBMC HealthCare Workers Fund here .
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