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Right From the Start, I Sensed a Special Culture

October 1, 2015
Right from the start, I sensed there was a special culture at work at GMBC, one that demanded doing things differently. I saw facets of this extraordinary culture in everything from my dedicated medical team and the soothing physical surroundings to the opportunity to give back by participating in research.

To me, the term “patient-centered” doesn’t begin to convey the kind of care I received. Reflected in my personal experience is GBMC’s commitment to provide every patient, every time, with the care one would want for their own loved ones.

Little things, like having the flexibility to choose my own appointment times, or to communicate with my team by email, meant a lot to me. I felt an unparalleled level of compassion and sensitivity.

I wasn’t the only recipient of GBMC’s watchful eye and healing. The team was always acutely aware that they were one of two caregivers. Alongside GBMC was my nurturing wife, Lynn, whose needs along the path to recovery were of equal consideration. I am forever grateful of the support from both.

Like every GBMC patient, I had a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who were with me every step of the way. It was reassuring to know that everyone, from my primary care physician to my dietitian, was always up to speed on my case.

Seeing the same familiar faces throughout my treatment made me feel like a family was looking after me, and because of that I would like to share a story that I’ll never forget: Back in the hospital after my cancer treatment had ended, I opened my eyes to find my entire former team had come to visit me!

I love GBMC. I want to support them with my time, my funds and my message.

I see GBMC as unique among community hospitals, investing heavily in medical research and technology within a “healing environment” through gardens, walking trails, artwork and natural light. Many former patients give back to the hospital by participating in visionary research, and in turn, support the patients who follow in their footsteps. As a research participant myself, I take joy in being part of this “circle of giving” at GBMC.
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