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Education & Prevention

Classes and seminars offered throughout the community.

  • SAFE Dating and Healthy Relationships

    Recommended for Middle School and above

    Safe dating is the act of using caution and discretion in selecting a person to spend intimate time with to explore a friendship or committed relationship. Information and education on safe dating practices will be provided and there will be open discussion on the topic. Attendees will learn about the importance of safe dating and safe dating practices. They will also learn the characteristics of healthy relationships, how to set boundaries and how to identify signs of abuse in relationships.

  • Internet Social Media Safety

    Recommended for Middle School and above

    The internet is a growing part of our lives. Students are being exposed to a wide range of content as they work and play online. Learn about the importance of security settings on social media, how social media puts you at risk and how to protect yourself when using social networks.

  • Intimate Partner Violence

    Recommended for Middle School and above

    This presentation will cover the various forms of domestic violence, and the services offered at GBMC. This presentation can be customized to fit its intended audience, including healthcare personnel, teachers, students, coaches, advocates, and EMS. Screening tools, short and long-term health effects, responding to a victim in crisis, raising awareness, and prevention are all topics that will be included. Topics such as teen dating violence, safe dating, and promoting healthy relationships can be included for schools and youth centers.

  • Child Abuse (Stewards of Children- Darkness to Light)

    Recommended for teachers, coaches, recreation leaders, counselors, childcare providers

    Stewards of Children® uses real people and real stories to show you how to protect children. The framework of the training is built off the foundation of The 5 Steps to Protecting Children™. You’ll meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing. You’ll meet experts who work with children and families, and confront abuse on a daily basis. Many of these survivors and experts are also parents themselves. Stewards of Children® is available in a group setting led by a Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator.

  • Forensic Nursing

    Recommended for High School Sciences/Health

    The SAFE Program at GBMC is coordinated by Registered Nurses, who are specifically trained and certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing to care for victims of rape, sexual assault, child abuse, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking. During this presentation, The SAFE nurses will detail how they perform a medical-forensic examination, documentation, photography, and collect forensic evidence to be submitted to the Baltimore County Police Department Crime Lab.

  • Identifying and Responding to Human Sex Trafficking

    Recommended for High School

    Education will be provided on the topic of human trafficking including definitions, risk factors, signs and symptoms, treatment, reporting guidelines, as well as community and national resources. Other topics include the importance of the role of healthcare providers when encountering a potential victim, safety tips, and sample questions that may help in identification.

  • Neurobiology of Trauma and Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Technique (FETI)

    Recommended for high school students with previous or current Forensic/Allied Health/Psych coursework

    This course discusses the biological response of the brain to a trauma and how each individual has a unique response. The types of trauma and how its role in the body’s response is discussed. Methodology on the FETI technique and interview tactics are provided. This presentation is interactive with the audience. Audience members are placed "in the shoes" of a trauma survivor and presenters conduct interviews in order to examine the difference in memory recall.

  • Disability Awareness

    Recommended for Middle School and above

    Participants are provided a general understanding of disability awareness and the main barriers that concern people with disabilities. The training focuses on continuing awareness and understanding in regards to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

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