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She Couldn't Look in the Mirror

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Laura Tenbus

October 25, 2018
Hunger was Adrianna's biggest problem. She never seemed to be full, so she just kept eating and eating. While she tried to stay active and be mindful of the food she ate, Adrianna always seemed to have too much. By the time she was 25, she weighed 200 pounds — which was quite heavy for her petite frame — and she had picked up "lots of unhealthy habits," including smoking.

She found some success by taking various weight-loss medications and starting a rigorous exercise schedule, but she was only able to keep her weight off for about a year. She became prediabetic, had high cholesterol, and developed knee issues that made it difficult for her to walk. Her weight exacerbated other health issues to the point that she had to stop working.

Adrianna was very aware of how overweight she was and began to have serious self-esteem issues. "I was never confident," she said, "I could barely walk with my head up." She found herself avoiding social situations because she was uncomfortable shopping for clothing. "Anytime there was a family event or work party, I just ended up skipping it because I couldn't go shopping to get something to wear." She distinctly remembers a time when she was leaving a busy restaurant and a man she had never met called her dumb and fat in front of her entire family and everyone waiting to be seated. She felt so humiliated and shamed that she couldn't even look at herself in the mirror.

Everything came to a head in 2015 when she and her husband learned she was pregnant for the third time. A few months into the pregnancy, she miscarried, and was absolutely devastated. It was her second miscarriage. Knowing that her weight may have been a contributing factor, she decided it was time to make a change that would last. At this point, she weighed 270 pounds.

Her mother had undergone weight-loss surgery many years ago, but Adrianna had never seriously considered it for herself. She began looking into programs and found GBMC's Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) on social media. After learning more, she decided that this was her next step.

Now, several years after her successful gastric sleeve surgery, most of Adrianna's health problems are gone. She can keep up with her family and no longer has mobility issues. Her blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and she is no longer prediabetic. She quit smoking and, thanks to her care team at COMP, is able to recognize and stop eating when she becomes full.

On top of her improved health, Adrianna feels confident and beautiful for the first time in her life. "Dressing up is amazing and fun now. I love going to parties and I can actually enjoy myself." She has gone back to work and recently made a career change that she's very excited about. Adrianna has finally taken control of her life and now nothing can hold her back.

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