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Shield Against Infection

March 16, 2018
Due to GBMC's continuous performance improvement efforts, great progress has been made throughout the past year in reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAI), including infection with a diarrhea-producing germ, C. Difficle, commonly associated with antibiotic use.

Staff follow strict compliance with hygienic and hand-washing procedures, and Environmental Services disinfect rooms with powerful bleach cleansers. And while we have reduced the incidence of HAI with these measures, they are still a problem and cause for admission.

To further reduce the potential for this acquired infection while in the hospital, GBMC has embarked on a novel approach, and we are the first in the community to do so.

A new product, VYTIS Shield, is currently being applied to all surfaces and equipment throughout the hospital with a completion date of March or early April. Initially, GBMC tested this product on one randomly-chosen patient unit in 2016 as a trial, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in C. Diff occurrences on that unit, with benefits that continue today.

Which is why we decided to become the first hospital in the area to use the product hospital-wide. VYTIS Shield is not toxic and is safe for patients and staff. And it has been used in other industries with great success. From our initial testing, we think the benefits will last one to three years.

C. Diff bacterium is known to lie on the surface of hospital furniture and equipment as a dormant spore, only to be acquired while ill and immuno-compromised in the hospital.

This type of infection occurs in all hospitals and is widespread in the community as well, due to the frequent use of antibiotics.

VYTIS Shield uses multiple technologies to modify surfaces, preventing bacteria and other germs from living and remaining on surfaces, closing the gap in infection prevention where germs may be missed in between cleanings, disinfection and sanitizing. While the cost of applying this agent throughout the hospital is considerable and the benefit is yet to be completely documented, our early experience suggests the reduction in occurrence of this severe but common infection while in the hospital will be greatly reduced at GBMC, thus providing a safer environment and better care for all our patients.
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