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The Sleeved Chef Prepares Holiday Appetizers!

December 19, 2018
Every month, GBMC holds a Facebook Live cooking demonstration featuring healthy recipes from The Sleeved Chef, Michael Salamon. Michael graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and is passionate about “teaching cooking techniques and recipes to pre- and post-operative bariatric patients.” He had a type of bariatric surgery known as a sleeve gastrectomy in September 2016 and enjoys sharing his knowledge of cooking with fellow weight loss patients. Co-hosting the demonstration with him is Jana Wolff, RD, LDN, Director of Nutrition for GBMC’s Comprehensive Obesity Management Program, where Michael was treated.

Turkey Bacon Wrapped Scallops

1 lb large scallops
½ lb turkey bacon
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 cup light mayonnaise
¼ cup sriracha
1 lime, juiced
2 tsp chopped cilantro
1 head Boston Bibb lettuce
3 avocados, sliced

  1. Wrap each scallop in a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place the bacon-wrapped scallops onto a baking sheet, drizzle them with olive oil, and season them with salt and pepper. Saute scallops until translucent, about 1-2 minutes each side.
  2. Make the spicy mayo by combining the mayonnaise, chili paste, lime juice, and chopped cilantro. Stir well.
  3. To serve, carefully peel away the lettuce leaves and line a large platter with the lettuce cups. Top each with a bacon-wrapped scallop, 2 slices of avocado, and a spoonful of spicy mayonnaise. Garnish with cilantro leaves.
Recipe yields 10 servings

Calories: 136
Fat: 8.4g
Saturated Fat: 0.5g
Cholesterol: 24.4mg
Sodium: 672mg
Protein: 8g
Carbohydrate: 10.5g

Smoked Salmon Canapés

8 oz smoked salmon
1 small red onion, minced
2 dill sprigs
1 tsp prepared horseradish
1 tbsp light mayo

  1. Combine the horseradish and mayonnaise in a small bowl and set aside.
  2. Take a small piece of smoked salmon and spoon ½ tsp of horseradish mixture on smoked salmon.
  3. Add minced red onion and pieces of dill.
  4. Wrap the salmon around the ingredients.
Recipe yields 8 servings

Calories: 113
Fat: 6.4g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 25.6mg
Sodium: 605.3mg
Protein: 11.3g
Carbohydrate: 2.2g

Baked Brie

1 wedge Brie
1 tbsp aged balsamic vinegar
1 pint raspberries
1 pint blackberries
1 bell pepper

Bake the wedge of Brie in an oven at 350 degrees for ten minutes, then check the Brie and cook for another 5 minutes. Use the balsamic vinegar, raspberries, blackberries, and pepper to garnish.
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