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Adult Stroke & Neuro Rehabilitation

Adult Stroke & Neuro Rehabilitation

The Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head and Neck Center is the first choice of care for adult patients with swallowing, communication, and cognitive-linguistic disorders. We provide patient -centered, interdisciplinary care for people affected by stroke, traumatic brain injury, chemotherapy-related adverse effects, and other neurological disorders. These diagnoses may result in a new speech-language problem, such as imprecise, "slurred" speech, word-finding difficulties, and changes in cognition, such as memory loss or attentional deficits.

Swallowing issues are common following a neurological event or because of a progressive neurological condition. Problems swallowing may result in oral weakness, difficulty sensing and chewing foods, or coughing and choking on foods and drinks. You may need swallowing therapy, which could include muscular strengthening, diet modification, or strategies to make your swallow safer. The role of the licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) is to provide evaluation and treatment for the following areas of difficulty:

  • Swallowing
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Verbal expression
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Articulation and speech
  • Cognitive-linguistic skills

Learn About Stroke & Neuro Rehabilitation

A stroke (i.e., brain attack, cerebrovascular accident) occurs when the supply of blood is interrupted to the brain resulting in a loss of oxygen and other nutrients to vital brain cells. This begins to impair important functions such as speaking, swallowing, and thinking. What are the signs and symptoms of a stroke?

• Face drooping
• Arm weakness
• Speech difficulty
• Time is of the essence
• Numbness, confusion, trouble seeing or walking, severe headache
The Speech-Language Pathologist will administer a comprehensive assessment of suspected impairments in speech, language, cognition, and/or swallowing that may result following a stroke. Then, if indicated, the speech-language pathologist will implement evidence-based treatment to meet the functional goals of the client.
• Concussion
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Aphasia
• Primary Progressive Aphasia
• Cognitive-Communicative Impairment
• Dysarthria
• Apraxia of Speech
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Chemo Brain
• Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)
• Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
• Clinical Swallow Evaluation
• VitalStim® Therapy
• Individualized exercise-based intervention planning
• McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program
• Educate and support patients and their caregivers in understanding the relationship between their neurological condition and daily functioning.
• Identify areas of strength and areas that the neurological condition has most negatively impacted the client on a functional, day-to-day basis through comprehensive assessment.
• Implement evidence-based interventions for patients and caregivers to meet measurable goals and increase independence at home and in the community.
• Collaborate with other specialists including GI, ENT, neurology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, and dietician.

Our Team

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Lisa Clossey, MS, CCC-SLP
Lisa Clossey, MS, CCC-SLP
Senior Clinical Manager - Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head & Neck Center
Senior Speech-Language Pathologist
Megan Dasgupta, MS, CCC-SLP
Megan Dasgupta, MS, CCC-SLP
Senior Speech-Language Pathologist
Jason Kortte, MS, CCC-SLP
Jason Kortte, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Coordinator

Preparing for Your Appointment

During the initial evaluation, your SLP will discuss your medical history, current condition, and functional needs. Treatment plans are highly individualized and dependent upon the problems you are facing. The primary goals of each plan are designed to restore function and improve quality of life using patient-centered tasks and interventions.

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