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Survivorship, Cancer, and COVID-19

June 25, 2020
What’s it like to be a cancer patient or survivor during the COVID-19 pandemic? Felicity Kirby, RN, BSN, OCN, GBMC’s Survivorship Nurse Coordinator, talked with BMore Lifestyle host Brandi Proctor about the steps the hospital is taking to ensure that patients feel safe and confident coming to campus for care during the pandemic.

“Some people have been afraid to come to the hospital or their doctor’s office to receive care,” Felicity said. “But we’ve taken every recommended precaution to keep our patients safe and I urge people, especially those living with cancer, to continue to come and receive the care they need. We encourage patients to call their doctor and find out whether a virtual appointment might be a good option for them or whether they need an in-person appointment.”

She also shared some tips for people concerned about contracting COVID-19, including recommending that people not wear gloves because when they do, they don’t realize they may still be spreading the virus because they don’t wash their gloves as they would their hands. She also stressed the importance of wearing your mask correctly, covering both the mouth and nose, and cleaning your hands before removing your mask.

GBMC’s cancer survivorship program has been supporting survivors and their families for 10 years and they continue to do so during the pandemic, providing integrative medicine resources, online support groups, and a boutique and hair services for survivors.

“We help patients and families connect to life after treatment,” Felicity explained. “Our goal is to help them get back to their lives.”
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