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From left: Rebecca Stover, MSN, RN, PMP; Russ Sadler, MS, MBA; and Sherri Jones, DNP, RN

Three Leaders Behind The Promise Project

September 2, 2021
Being patient-centered means taking the needs of patients, families, and those who care for them into account at every turn – including in construction and building design.

For The Promise Project, a dedicated team is focusing on listening to those needs, incorporating them into the design, and ensuring communication is streamlined across the process.

Rebecca Stover, MSN, RN, PMP, Russ Sadler, MS, MBA, and Sherri Jones, DNP, RN (pictured above) are leading the project management aspects of design and construction. With 12 years of experience at GBMC in critical care nursing and project management, Director, Project Management, Becky Stover is working with clinical teams across the system to ensure The Promise Projectbuilding is efficient and streamlined for the best care delivery. She is leading simulations, which allow the interdisciplinary care team to walk through the proposed space to assess operational efficiency. Is a piece of equipment in an optimal place? Could a resource be more accessible in a different location? These are just some of the questions asked in a simulation.

Russ Sadler is GBMC's Director of Facility Planning, Design, and Construction and brings more than 27 years of construction and design experience to The Promise Project. The design and planning process takes feedback from focus groups, simulations, and more to design The Promise Project to meet the needs of caregivers, families, and patients. The overall design process incorporates a team of more than 20 architects, engineers, and planners working together to ensure form and function are incorporated into the project.

Sherri Jones, though new to GBMC, brings a wealth of healthcare design knowledge, and will ensure all sides are working together and communication is seamless.

“Healthcare design goes beyond bricks and mortar,” Jones said. “We will look at this project from all angles to ensure we are building something that is high quality and truly puts the patient at the center. We want to ensure patients are getting excellent, safe, individualized care and that those delivering the care can be efficient and safe.”

To learn more about The Promise Project, track fundraising progress and learn how to make your promise, visit The Promise Project website.
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