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Important: COVID-19 Testing, Booster, & Visitor Policy

Welcome to GBMC’s New Adult Emergency Department!

November 12, 2020
GBMC has made some changes to the Emergency Department (ED) to help keep patients safe during the pandemic and, even more importantly, to help get patients the care they need as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. Mary Beth Marsden talked with ED nurse Ariel Leone, RN2, about what’s new and what people can expect if they need emergency care.

“Our new ED design allows us to triage patients as quickly as possible and get their care and any testing they need started more quickly so, whenever possible, they can spend less time in the hospital,” Ariel explained. “The end goal is to create a better experience for our patients.”

While patients still cannot have a visitor or family member with them in the ED, the nurses keep family and loved ones updated about the patient’s condition and test results via phone and video chat. There are exceptions to that rule, however, for patients with developmental disabilities and children. “We don’t allow visitors in the ED to limit their possible exposure to COVID and other illnesses,” said Ariel. “It’s for their protection and the protection of our patients.”

Since Ariel now has a wealth of experience wearing a mask and personal protective equipment all day, Mary Beth asked for any tips she has to help the rest of us stay safe and comfortable in our masks. “My best tip is to breathe through your nose,” she answered. “It makes wearing a mask much more comfortable.”
IMPORTANT Visitor Policy Changes

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