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Research Initiatives

Head and neck cancers encompass tumors in the nasal passages, mouth, throat, larynx, salivary glands, neck, skull base, upper esophagus, trachea and thyroid gland. Our staff is dedicated to the development and implementation of highly interactive head and neck clinical research trials targeting elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer development, and surgical, medical oncology and radiation oncology-based treatment strategies to optimize functional outcomes.

Our team of researchers encompasses a wide range of disciplines including head and neck surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, oral pathology and medicine, speech pathology, oncology nursing, oncology social work, and oncology dietitians. Our highly successful interdisciplinary program is focused on improving patients' quality of life through functional improvements and increased survival.

Our head and neck surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and oral pathologist have published extensively on a wide array of head and neck cancer treatment initiatives and state-of-the-art methodologies.

Over the years our staff has continued to stay in the forefront of cancer care, treating patients with innovative treatment approaches and expanding research initiatives.

Our research focuses on the following areas in head and neck cancer research clinical trials:
  • Cellular and molecular biology of cancer
  • Robotic surgery [daVinci system]
  • Functional outcome studies and quality of life issues
  • New chemotherapy approaches
  • Integration of precancer prevention and treatments
  • Role of human papilloma virus [HPV] in head and neck cancer
  • Image-based radiation therapy
  • Use of ultrasound on swallowing evaluation and rehabilitation
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