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Learn about the GBMC Internal Medicine Residency Program

August 5, 2020
Having to find a new healthcare provider can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to know whether the provider will be a good fit for you from just a biography and a photo online. In the series, “What’s Up, Dr. Dovec?” GBMC bariatric surgeon, Elizabeth Dovec, MD, FACS, FASMB, interviews providers across the GBMC HealthCare System so you can get to know them on a personal level and learn more about their specialties. In this episode, Dr. Dovec interviews Elisabeth Carr, MD, a pulmonologist, critical care specialist, and the newly appointed Program Director of GBMC’s Internal Medicine Residency Program about why medical students should consider GBMC for their internship and residency.

“The residency program I was in had 146 residents. We have 19 residents in our first year of the program at GBMC, then 13 in the second and third years,” Dr. Carr said. “Each advisor works with just four advisees and our outpatient clinic teams include one intern, one second year resident, one third year resident, and an attending physician. By keeping the ratio small in our program, each resident is able to receive much more personal attention and build strong relationships with their mentors.”

Dr. Carr outlined the details of the requirements for applying to the Internal Medicine Residency Program and explained that in addition to internal medicine training, residents can also do specialty rotations in a range of fields including ophthalmology, anesthesia, radiology, dermatology, and neurology. Residents rotate through the hospital’s wards and also spend time caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unt (ICU).

One unique part of GBMC’s program is the outpatient continuity clinic. Residents see the same group of patients for three years, which is a great opportunity for them to build relationships with both their patients and the attending physician they’re working with.

Research is another important part of the residency program. While some programs focus on bench science research, at GBMC residents work on patient care focused research, whether that’s researching a specific health condition, a public health issue, or health systems management and quality improvement.

GBMC’s residency program is well regarded in the medical community and residents who want to pursue fellowship training match with excellent programs across the country. Dr. Carr also highlighted the benefit for residents and physicians of working at a hospital with a supportive administration. “I’ve been very impressed with the administration at GBMC. They provide a great deal of support for all the physicians here, ensuring they have what they need to provide excellent care for each patient.”
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