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Why I Chose Oncology: Mei Tang, MD

October 27, 2022
Dr. Mei Tang is a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist at GBMC. She works closely with patients to deliver personalized cancer therapy and actively participates in patient care, clinical research and medical education. She began her career in medical research and has continued clinical training and practice for the last 30 years.

“After medical school, I went on medical research in graduate study and postdoctoral research. I spent 10 years working on basic medical science both at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. When I had the opportunity to work with the Oncology team of Phase I clinical trials during my residency training, I found the field that is the perfect combination of basic science and clinical practice: Medical Oncology. I witnessed fundamental medical research that led to the discoveries of specific cancer therapies that have saved lives.

Our fundamental understanding of the biology of cancer has changed so much. Every time I see a patient benefit from the targeted therapy or immunotherapy, which are more effective and less toxic – I get a chill. My dream is that we will cure cancers with chemo-free therapies in the future.

I love oncology and patient care. I talk with my patients about the cutting-edge knowledge and technology we use today for cure and for better quality of life. Patients are prepared to participate actively in treatment decisions."

You can support Dr. Mei Tang and her fellow colleagues by making a donation to the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute in their honor.
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