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Why You Should Have a Family Physician

August 27, 2020
Whether you have a sore throat, high blood pressure, or questions about COVID-19, a family physician can be your family’s one-stop source for care and information to help you manage your health. Priya Little, MD, family medicine physician at GBMC talked with Good Morning Maryland’s Ashley James about what types of care family medicine doctors provide, why it’s so important that every member of your family has a relationship with a primary care physician, and GBMC’s new primary care location downtown in the Jonestown neighborhood.

“Family medicine physicians care for everyone, from newborns through adults,” explained Dr. Little. “We are trained in the broader spectrum of medical care, so we not only provide typical primary care services like check-ups, vaccinations, and sick care, we also can perform minor surgical procedures in the office and are trained in obstetrics and gynecology, so many family medicine physicians can provide prenatal care through labor and delivery as well as women’s health services.”

Dr. Little shared information about the downtown GBMC primary care office in Jonestown, near Little Italy where she sees her patients. It began as a partnership with the Helping Up Mission and has recently expanded to provide care for anyone who would like to be seen there.

When asked why it’s important that each of us has a relationship with a primary care physician, Dr. Little explained, “Your primary care physician is the gateway to all other healthcare, including mental health care. We’re the starting point if you have a concern. We can assess your issue and, if needed, refer you to a specialist for additional care. As a family medicine physician, I take a holistic approach to caring for each patient. I look at the whole body and the whole person and work with each patient to make a shared and informed decision about care.”
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