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Women’s Trustee Inspired by GBMC Beginnings

November 30, 2022
When Glenn “Glennie” Reynolds Martin married John William “Duck” Young Martin Jr. in 1967, she didn’t just gain a husband, she also gained a lifelong career serving her community.

Her relationship with GBMC and one of its founding hospitals, the Hospital for the Women of Maryland, of Baltimore City (Women's Hospital) began with her mother-in-law.

“My husband’s mother, Nancy Byers Black, was instrumental in getting GBMC started,” Martin said. “She was active in raising money. They would have bridge parties where people would pay to come and have young people, like me and Mrs. Yaggy’s son, Michael, be servers.

“They worked really hard and darned if they didn’t have success. All of those people aren’t here anymore, but they would be thrilled to know GBMC is still here and getting better.”

Martin currently serves as a trustee with the Women’s Hospital Foundation as well as her family foundation, the Richard S. Reynolds Foundation. The former made a sizeable gift to The Promise Project at GBMC, and Martin was instrumental in the latter’s recent investment in the project as well.

“GBMC is a wonderful thing for us and the community,” Martin said. “We had two children born there. Nancy was six weeks early so she was at the hospital for a month before she could come home. Our firstborn was born way too early, when we were in Virginia for the weekend, and he didn’t live but a few hours. But GBMC saved my daughter, and we are grateful.”

Having seen GBMC from the beginning, Martin can attest that the quality and caring staff are exactly the same as they were almost 60 years ago. She said the only thing that has changed is GBMC’s footprint has gotten bigger to meet the increased community needs.

Martin’s father, J. Louis Reynolds, was briefly on the GBMC Board of Directors (as was Martin) but served only one year as a commute from his home in Richmond became too taxing. Reynolds was one of four brothers who served as the original trustees of the Richard S. Reynolds Foundation when their mother started it following her husband’s death. Each brother selected a representative to serve once they could no longer. Martin serves in her father’s old seat.

In thinking of the future, the trustees recently set up an advisory board. Each trustee invites a family member to come to meetings and learn more about the foundation in the hopes that when the current board is ready to move on, there is a generation of dedicated supporters who understand the ropes.

“My cousin, who is the president of our board, came up with that idea a few years ago and I think that was brilliant because others had heard of it but didn’t know much about it. At least now they know so when it’s their turn they don’t come in cold,” Martin said.

The system allows for the intentions of the family to remain and prepares others to continue in the great tradition of giving back. So grateful, dedicated supporters like Glennie Martin can see GBMC grow from one grand opening to another.
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