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Youngest CPR Certified Student at GBMC

December 23, 2019
Poll a group of elementary school students and you'll find a fair amount who cite "doctor" as their aspiration professionally. But few actually make steps to get there before electing pre-med on college applications.

Not Catelyn Koons, who just two weeks after her 9th birthday, became the youngest person to complete a CPR certification at GBMC.

"She did a fantastic job. It is so great to see that kind of passion for CPR in such a young person. She even had her scrubs on for the class!" Deb Higgins, MS, RN, Simulation Coordinator and AHA Training Center Coordinator BLS, ACLS, PALS in the Simulation Innovation Learning Center at GBMC, said.

Catelyn has wanted to be a doctor since kindergarten and narrowed her focus down to surgeon more recently because "as soon as I saw a body part in a picture, I was really interested. I like learning what the body looks like," she said.

The incoming fourth grader at Halethorpe Elementary School enjoys experimenting and building with teams in Robotics Club. Even though they haven't gotten to the anatomy section in her science textbooks quite yet, she was able to see some medical simulations first-hand during a tour of GBMC's Simulation Innovation Learning Center.

"I was interested in the mannequins that did stuff like cry or use the bathroom. Those were pretty cool," Catelyn said.

Her enthusiasm in the certification has spilled over. She shared with the camp counselor at summer camp that she could assist if someone was choking and, at school, they informed her where the AED is kept in case of emergency, only elevating her confidence and reaffirming her desire.

Plus, not every kid has such an exciting "What I Did This Summer" story.
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