Genetics Services

The Harvey Institute for Human Genetics provides diagnostic capabilities, access to the latest genetic testing, genetic counseling, education, and management for genetic conditions from the beginning of life through adulthood.  Our team includes reproductive, pediatric and adult geneticists along with genetic counselors who specialize in the diagnosis and management of genetic conditions.  In addition, we collaborate with other medical disciplines to care for individuals with various genetic conditions.

Prenatal Diagnostic Center:  443-849-2536
Drs. Natalie Blagowidow and Shama Jari

The prenatal diagnostic center offers genetic counseling, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, first trimester screening, and complete ultrasound evaluation of at-risk pregnancies.

Pediatric Genetics: 443-849-3131
Dr. Antonie (Tonie) Kline

Our pediatric genetics team specializes in the diagnosis and management of children born with birth defects, developmental disabilities and/or genetic disorders from the newborn period through adulthood.  Services are available on an in-patient or out-patient basis.

Adult Genetics: 443-849-3131
Dr. Clair Francomano
Our adult genetics team specializes in the diagnosis and management of adults with birth defects, developmental disabilities and/or genetic disorders including those present at birth and adult-onset.

Hereditary Cancer Genetics: 443-849-3131
Dr. Clair Francomano
Our hereditary cancer genetics program offers risk assessment, genetic testing, and genetic counseling to individuals at risk for hereditary cancer conditions and/or hereditary risk factors for cancer. 

Laboratory Genetics: 443-849-2815
Our on-site cytogenetic laboratory provides cytogenetic diagnostic services for prenatal, hematologic, oncologic, urologic, and other specimens.  Standard testing includes chromosomal analysis, FISH tests and other cytogenetic tools for clarifying abnormalities.


Ever since GBMC announced its partnership with EDNF, the Harvey Institute for Human Genetics has been overwhelmed with messages from patients who want to join a trial, make an appointment with Dr. Francomano or donate. Thank you for all of the interest! We're thrilled at the prospect of helping so many people. However, we want to share the following information with you.

  • Those interested in making a donation to Genetics may visit or call 443-849-2773.
  • We anticipate the new center will be operational in late 2014, allowing us to treat more patients, expand clinical trials and continue the important research and educational outreach on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
  • At this time, all patients are being enrolled in a natural history study.
  • Dr. Francomano is currently booked one year out for new patients.
We will gladly help answer questions related to EDS, but please be patient with us. Our resources are limited and we are trying hard to keep up with the demand.


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